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I am a stay-at-home mom to two little girls and love to sew, quilt, and teach sewing (currently at Urban Spools and Stitched with Love) in my free time. I learned to sew in middle school home-ec, but didn't get my first sewing machine until after I graduated college. It actually sat in the box a full year before I got the courage to pull it out and finally re-learn how to use it.  I am mad at myself everyday for wasting that year! When I quit my professional career to start my family, I needed a new creative outlet and that is when sewing and quilting took on a major role in my life. Now, I combine my two passions, teaching and sewing, to help others overcome the fear of opening the sewing machine box and share my adventures here at My Fabric Relish. Welcome to my blog!

Want me to come to your quilt guilt to talk or teach? Send me an email and we can chat! Just click the email icon on the right toolbar. 

 Meet the relishes: 

and then the furry relishes...


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    1. Thank you!!! They are for sure a huge inspiration in my life!! :) Happy Friday!

  2. Hi Malissa, my name is Sharon solan. I have signed up for your Celestial Stars class in March at Stitched with Love. I am very interested in the dyed fabric you used in yours. Lynn tells me you dye your won fabric. The background fabric in Celestial is amazing. It really makes that quilt.. A lot of variation in the color which I love,love. it gives it texture and movement. Would you be interested in dying fabric for me. The quilt is not the same without that background fabric. I have tried a sampling of gray fabrics and they are all flat. Quilt is not the same. I can be reached by email: jbsssolan@att.net. Thank You

  3. I can't seem to download southwest salsa quilt pattern no matter how hard I try. Please help!
    Thank you!



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