Sunday, June 28, 2015

NEW! Pickle Relish Quilt Pattern

I am so very excited about my newest pattern! I am all about making super easy to follow patterns that give you lots for your money, so with my latest pattern, it gives you two different techniques to make the main block: traditional and foundation paper piecing. Yay!

I think everyone has their prefered method of piecing and with this pattern it's completely your decision. If you are unsure, try out both and see what works better for you! With the traditional piecing method, I provide detailed cutting charts so all you have to do is whip out your fat quarters and start cutting! If you want to use half-yard cuts, the instructions are the same with longer strips to cut. If you are afraid to cut on a 45 degree, the pattern gives you full color cutting measurements or if you have a 45 degree ruler that you are still wondering why the heck you bought it, then whip it out and make it useful. If you are new to foundation paper piecing or just need a refresher, I have included a step-by-step page with diagrams to help you along!

When I was making this quilt, I realized there were lots of large angled scraps leftover and decided that those would be great for a mini quilt, which is also included in the pattern (this one is foundation paper pieced)!

I have listed the PDF version on Craftsy and you can purchase it here. I also have paper ones you can purchase from my shop here. If you would like to carry my patterns in my shop, send me an email so we can chat!

Finished size - 72" x 72" (Bonus mini - 21" x 21")
Fabrics used - Spellbound by Cotton + Steel

Lastly, I want to thank everyone so much for your support and encouragement with my patterns. It truly means the world to me and puts a big smile on my face daily!


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Clam Shells! Stop it!

I want clam shells everywhere! So I've been on a clam shell kick lately (you might've noticed) and I have several recent projects that can attest to my obsession. I've been sharing some of these over on IG but wanted to give them the blog love as well.

Back in November, Michelle at Urban Spools asked if I would like to design the Row by Row Experience row for the shop and of course I said yes!

This year the theme is water and it didn't take me long to pick clams as my quilt design. I picked out some fresh fabrics that reminded me of water and pulled out my Accuquilt and came up with this:

Well, after my first try at clams I was officially hooked and in love and couldn't stop...
This is my clam sham and having a class at Urban Spools later this month. You can read more about the pillow here!
I even made my Alison Glass mini swap partner her own clam mini.
But then I decided to go bigger with an 8" Accuquilt die and made an Anna Maria Clam (remember my AMG goal of sew all the AMH?)! I used mostly Folksolg by AMH with a little Pretty Potent and Oakshot cottons mixed in.
I went with a pantograph called Moxie and love this design. It's probably my favorite!
Even this butterfly appreciates clams. Can you spot it?
So, even though I use my Accuquilt to cut my clams, that doesn't mean you need a die cutter to make your own clam pillow or quilt. You can find a great free pattern on Craftsy by Latifah Saarif with great instructions and a templates (8", 12" and templates for 4" and 6").
So what's your summer quilting obsession?

Monday, June 8, 2015

Prairie Willow in Loominous

Happy June! Last month I released my first quilt pattern and it's been so uplifting hearing the feedback from so many of you. Thanks so much!

Click the image to go to Craftsy to download.
So, I realized lately that I have grown quite an extensive collection of Anna Maria Horner (AMH) fabrics. You see, I love AMH! Her colors are these amazing jewel-tones that make me deliriously happy and as a collection they create this very bohemian vibe that wins me over every time. I buy her collections no matter what but then I sit on them thinking if I use them they will be gone forever. Well, I've finally realized that is the dumbest thing ever! They need to be made into quilts and other lovelies so when I pet them I don't look like a full blown lunatic. You might find it hard to believe that I have a seemingly bottomless pit of AMH by the fact you've seen me share lots of AMH projects, but I do, for example....
HST Pillow

Sew Together Bag

AMH Room
Dining Room
Christmas Tree Skirt
And there's actually several more projects but I'm tired of looking for the pictures, but you get the idea. So, why am I sharing this with you? Well, I have challenged myself to sew all of it (yes, ALL of it) before her next collection comes out. You might have noticed on IG that I've been making some dents but I still have the entire Honor Roll collection (1/2 yards) and a ton of Pretty Potent left to devour. Today I am going to share Loominous...

So I recently got her newest collection, Loominous, a few weeks ago and I was totally shocked at how eager I was to cut into them (see hoarding tendencies above). Have you seen Loominous? They are yarn-dyed (fabric dyed while still in yarn form) fabrics with incredible texture and weave and a few fun metallic threads thrown it. It's great for home decor, quilts, and clothing. The first time I petted Loominous, I knew it needed to become a patchwork quilt with little breakage of the design. Then I thought about my Prairie Willow pattern that's part of my Positive Trio pattern booklet and knew it would be perfect. Now, I am going to be honest, I totally fudge the pattern a bit in order to use every last little bit of my FQ bundle in order to not have to order more or include other prints to the top and I'll tell you what I did in a bit, but for now here is the EQ7 version and some pretty pictures of it finished:

I used a print from AMH's Pretty Potent line for the back and another print from the same line for the binding. It was by sheer luck that I had that print for the back and how well it with together. I only had 3 yards instead of the 4 yards required but I made it work and literally had only an inch left on the bottom after I longarmed it. I FMQ'ed it with a fun little snail/flower design all over and quite pleased. I knew I needed a dense quilt design for this one because some of the fabric weaves are a bit looser than typical quilting cotton and didn't want to risk any holes or fraying. I also pieced the top together using a smaller stitch length then normal as well. If you have the patience (I don't) then starch your fabrics before you cut or at least starch each block like I did.

So, I recommend using the amount of fabric stated in my pattern, BUT if you are like me and don't want to order more fabric, you can cut your corner background squares a bit smaller to 2.5" but not any smaller. The pattern has you cut these squares a tad bit bigger in order to keep a little extra space between the points on the adjacent blocks. I would have prefered more space, but like I said, I didn't want to buy more fabric. This is the small throw size (60" x 60"). 

I photographed 6 quilts on my last photoshoot and can't wait to share them so stay tuned! Also, did you happen to notice that I've added a new tab on the top of my page? Check it out here! Thanks so much for visiting today and hope you have a great week! 


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