Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Introducing Moonshine....

Introducing my newest pattern...

This was such a fun quilt to design and make! So much, I had to make three different versions and I couldn't just do one version for the pattern, I had to make four different ones.

You can purchase your patterns here, PDF or PRINT.

In the pattern, you will find instructions on how to make the basic NY Beauty block and then four different quilt pattern instructions. Here is some eye candy that might entice you....

Thanks again for being such a supportive community and letting me do what I love on a daily basis!


Sunday, June 18, 2017

An Unbirthday Quilt

Whoa! It's summer here in the Relish household and with that comes lots of time to hang out with my girls and chaos - perfect! They will both be together again at school this coming fall and I am so excited for them. My youngest is going to be in Kindergarten! Most of you can understand the emotions involved with that one sentence. She graduated pre-school and turned 5 all in the same week as well and all those changes were very hard on both of us. When I realized how hard these changes were going to be, I suggested we have a big birthday party and she could invite all her friends. She said she wanted a party, but not a birthday party, except she did want gifts (priorities). I suggested a Very Merry Unbirthday party like on Alice in Wonderland (one of her favorite stories/movies especially the Johnny Dep version) and she said yes, as long as she could wear her Alice dress (her previous Halloween costume, of course). It was a great party to kickoff summer and celebrate her big achievements. For her birthday gift, I made her an Alice in Wonderland quilt and that's what brings be here today....

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

I used a free pattern from Tula Pink called From the Heart and it's basically machine appliqued hearts. I was a fun and fast quilt and perfect for my Rifle Paper Co./Cotton + Steel Wonderland fabric. I quilted sweet and simple rose motif using gold thread.

I've been super busy longarming the past few months that my personal projects have been very neglected. I have a few exciting events coming soon including talking to the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild, Teaching at StitchFest, and a pattern release. I am trying to get a lot of my quilt tops on the longarm so I am able to share with everyone so stay tuned!

If you want to see what I am up to on a daily basis, check out my Instagram @myfabricrelish

Have a great week!


Wednesday, February 22, 2017


It's that time of year again - QuiltCon! I was lucky to attend the past two years but this year I decided to not go. I would have loved to visit Savannah and see friends and all the quilts but I also wanted to save my quilting travel money for other things (like Tula at Craft South next month!). I am excited to stalk Instagram all weekend to see all the fun being had, though!

Last year at QuiltCon, in the Craft South booth (I visited this booth multiple times each day), I saw this quilt hanging and it had to go home with me! I really don't know what it was about this quilt but it just spoke to me. You know how that goes...

Also, if you didn't know this already, Craft South is a quilt shop in Nashville owned by Anna Maria Horner. And if you didn't know, Anna Maria Horner is my JAM! I LOVE her fabrics and her style! I was also thrilled it was all kitted and ready to get tucked into my suitcase. The kit is based off the Ohio Star block from the Creativebug quilt block series by Heather Jones and kitted by Anna Maria Horner for her shop.

Like most fabrics and kits, it sat in my beautiful cabinet for almost 6 months but used Sewtopia (retreat) as my excuse to finally get it made. I am so happy she is finished. I plan to make this my new favorite sofa quilt.

A post shared by Melissa (@myfabricrelish) on

A post shared by Melissa (@myfabricrelish) on

I quilted it using Modern Twist pantograph by Patricia E. Ritter for Urban Elementz. For more on my longarm services, check out my website www.relishquilting.com.

If you want to check out my album from last years QuiltCon, you can go here. I tried to take a picture of every quilt hanging, including the guild charity quilts.

Have a great week!


Monday, February 13, 2017

Briarwood with Craftsy

Happy Valentine's Week! I am really proud of myself for writing another blog post. Yay me! I am even more proud of the quilts I am going to share with y'all today!

So, back over the summer, I received an email from the awesome people at Craftsy wanting to know if  I would be interested in designing and making a couple of  simple quilt patterns for one if their new Boundless Fabric collections. At the time, I didn't even know about their new Boundless fabric line and was super intrigued so I signed on and went to work! The fabric collection Craftsy needed me to design for was a beautiful line called Briarwood. While this line is a bit more on the traditional side of my fabric preference spectrum, it was easy to fall in love with the saturated jewel-toned flowers and foliage. And since I love reading and watching historical fiction, I took that as my inspiration for this project.
{Photos courtesy of Craftsy.}

First up, I would like to introduce Taking the Train. This quilt is a fun, fast, and fat-quarter friendly made up of HSTs. This quilt reminded me of trains for some reason. Maybe the triangles are like the front grill? Fun fact: did you know those grills are used to move the cows out of the way?

This quilt makes a perfect lap quilt at 61" x 61". Quilting was done by me (www.relishquilting.com)using Debs Swirls by Deb Geissler.

Next up is Molly. I really love how sweet and soft Molly turned out. At the time I named this quilt, I didn't think the significance would ring so loudly 6 months later. Molly Brown is one of my favorite figures in history (I even named my dog in high school Molly Brown) and this quilt reminded me of a Molly.

This quilt is a bit bigger and makes a great twin-size measuring 79" x 98". I am super grateful to my friend, Ashley Leon, for helping put Molly together. I had less than a month from the time fabric arrived to sending finished quilts off all during my busy longarm season. I also longarmed this quilt using Bountiful Feathers by Hermione Agee.

Lastly, I do have to say the hand and feel of the Boundless fabrics are amazing! The quality reminds me very much of Moda. So if this collection or any other Boundless collections are catching your eye, don't hesitate! Oh, and I almost forgot, these two quilt kits are on sale right now!

Thanks again for reading my blog my new patterns with Craftsy. I hope you have a great week!


Monday, February 6, 2017

Sewtopia - Atlanta

Hold the phones, I wrote another blog post! Wha?!?

Happy Monday and today I want to share two quilts that I started at Sewtopia - Atlanta this past spring with two amazing designers and teachers.

The first is my Frances Firefly (disguised as a butterfly). I was super excited to make this quilt because I knew my oldest butterfly-loving relish would love this quilt. That was enough motivation needed to get all the fireflies finished in Atlanta and finish up at home the week after. I officially shared this quilt on IG but I never took the time to share on my blog.

I loved taking this class with Elizabeth Hartman. If you like to be super organized when you piece, this is the quilt and designer for you! She even came supplied with labels for us. Here are my finished blocks in Atlanta:

I used Alison Glass Sunprint 2016 for my fireflies and a gray print for my background (I don't remember the manufacturer or name, sorry). I went cheesy with the quilting and used a butterfly motif.

A photo posted by Melissa (@myfabricrelish) on

Lets just say, oldest relish was delighted and sleeps with it every night.

Next up, was my Single Girl class with Denyse Schmidt. I loved this class and quilt. At first, I wasn't super hyped about making this quilt. I was just going to make the pillow and if I enjoyed it, maybe go bigger. Guess what? I went bigger!

I LOVED the laid-back approach to this quilt, from the improv-ish piecing of the arcs and the easy piecing of the curves. I did decide to switch to foundation paper piece the arcs but still kept it total improv and random. I was able to finish four completed circles in Atlanta, but finished the rest as soon as I got home.

A photo posted by Melissa (@myfabricrelish) on

I went with organic straight-line quilting using multiple color threads. I do have to say, this is probably one of my favorite finishes of 2016.

Lastly, here are some pictures of the finished quilts:

Thanks again for reading my blog and checking out my quilts. Hope you have an awesome quilty week!


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Bucket List

Family Album Quilt: Pattern & Templates
Hey, it's me, the worst quilt blogger, ever! Okay maybe not the worst, but lame at least. My last post was in August and that one doesn't even really count - sorry about that. I have lots of reasons for not blogging as much including one being Instagram - it's just so portable and fast.  But others things are keeping me off the computer as well, like my growing longarm business and my growing girls. My oldest is now a kindergartener and my youngest will be joining her soon. So many mixed emotions about that one. In addition, I have been terrible about taking real camera pictures of my quilts. I love photography and the whole process but it also is another time consuming hobby that gets pushed aside too often. My birthday was this past week and I decided while the little relished were at school, I would go take some pictures of quilts that I have completed this past year. Ones that still haven't been properly shared even on IG. I also treated myself to a Photoshop upgrade while I was at it ;).

Do you ever have a quilt that joins your Quilt Bucket List and you just can't get it off your mind?

Loaded question, right? During Quilt Market 2015, Victoria Finlay Wolfe (VFW) debuted her new fabric line, Mostly Manor, and along with a stunning lone star quilt, Family Album Quilt. At that moment, I knew I was going to make that quilt. Some day.

Fast forward a bit to when the The Quilters Guild of Dallas announced its show theme, "A Charmed Life." The rules for the theme are simple - your quilt can have only one shape in its piecing; however, the shape can be different sizes and trimmed along the edge. Umm, duh - easiest decision ever!

I was also pleased to see that VFW made this beautiful quilt into a pattern WITH templates! Score! The pattern and templates were a bit pricey ($69) but really not more than what you pay for specialty ruler and I definitely plan to use these again.


Deciding on the fabrics was another challenge. I wanted to use Alison Glass' newest collection, Seventy-Six, but it wasn't set to be released until Oct 2016 and then it was delayed a couple weeks after that. Since the quilt top needed top be finished before Jan 5, there was a bit of a crunch. So over the Christmas break, I worked on it and finished it up Christmas day (my Christmas gift to myself).

I do have to say that this quilt is easier and faster than it looks. Once you get the angled piecing down, it's really a matter of staying organized. I did deviate from the pattern in one place. Instead of squares in the final corners, I used diamonds in keeping with the show rules.

For the quilting, I went with an all-over sketchbook design using monofilament (invisible) thread. I even recorded the design and hope to use that on customer quilts in the future!

If you are interested in longarm services, please check out my longarm website: www.relishquilting.com.

Thanks so much for taking the time took look at my blog and have a great day!


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Just a PSA about my next fabric dyeing workshop in October! Just a couple more spots left...

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