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Happy Valentine's Week! I am really proud of myself for writing another blog post. Yay me! I am even more proud of the quilts I am going to share with y'all today!

So, back over the summer, I received an email from the awesome people at Craftsy wanting to know if  I would be interested in designing and making a couple of  simple quilt patterns for one if their new Boundless Fabric collections. At the time, I didn't even know about their new Boundless fabric line and was super intrigued so I signed on and went to work! The fabric collection Craftsy needed me to design for was a beautiful line called Briarwood. While this line is a bit more on the traditional side of my fabric preference spectrum, it was easy to fall in love with the saturated jewel-toned flowers and foliage. And since I love reading and watching historical fiction, I took that as my inspiration for this project.
{Photos courtesy of Craftsy.}

First up, I would like to introduce Taking the Train. This quilt is a fun, fast, and fat-quarter friendly made up of HSTs. This quilt reminded me of trains for some reason. Maybe the triangles are like the front grill? Fun fact: did you know those grills are used to move the cows out of the way?

This quilt makes a perfect lap quilt at 61" x 61". Quilting was done by me ( Debs Swirls by Deb Geissler.

Next up is Molly. I really love how sweet and soft Molly turned out. At the time I named this quilt, I didn't think the significance would ring so loudly 6 months later. Molly Brown is one of my favorite figures in history (I even named my dog in high school Molly Brown) and this quilt reminded me of a Molly.

This quilt is a bit bigger and makes a great twin-size measuring 79" x 98". I am super grateful to my friend, Ashley Leon, for helping put Molly together. I had less than a month from the time fabric arrived to sending finished quilts off all during my busy longarm season. I also longarmed this quilt using Bountiful Feathers by Hermione Agee.

Lastly, I do have to say the hand and feel of the Boundless fabrics are amazing! The quality reminds me very much of Moda. So if this collection or any other Boundless collections are catching your eye, don't hesitate! Oh, and I almost forgot, these two quilt kits are on sale right now!

Thanks again for reading my blog my new patterns with Craftsy. I hope you have a great week!



  1. On the quilt that I am making-Molly. Is the backing fabric really 8 yards?

  2. I need to purchase 1/2 yard more of the Boundless Briarwood background fabric #24-1001-01 for the Molly quilt kit. What is the exact name of the color of that fabric. It is difficult to tell on the website. Thanks so much.

    1. Did you get help with this? I need the same fabric, I am short a half yard. For the Molky quilt.

  3. Wow they are all beautiful. I think the longer one stick to using simple quilt patterns the more superior his quilting will grow to be.
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  4. Lovely! It is better to have the quilt like these being used on a couch or bed or viewed hanging on a wall than it is to have it hiding in your closet. Thanks!!
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  5. I honestly love how candy and soft molly became out. At the time I named this duvet, I failed to Get My Assignment Done think the significance could ring so loudly 6 months later. Molly brown is one among my favorite figures in history (I even named my dog in excessive faculty molly brown) and this quilt reminded me of a molly.


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