easy peasy chevron quilt

My chevron quilt is on the blog today and I cant wait to make another one! This one was done with Christmas fabrics and need a new one now Christmas is over...whomp whomp. These were super easy to make and I was able to make two lap size quilts out of 2 layer cakes (you can also cut your own squares and make them any size you like).

2 layer cakes (will make two lap quilts) - one white or any other solid color and another for the printed portion of the chevron
4 yards - backing
3/4 yard - binding

Size: Approximately 50 x 60 inches (after washed and dried).

--I used Cherry Christmas by Aneela Hoey for Moda and Bella Solid in white also by Moda. --

How to make the chevron pattern:

1. Cut each square diagonally.

2. Match one of the 1/2 squares with the color 1/2 square and sew a 1/4 inch seam. Do this for all your squares.
(sorry the text is so small, but the first square is the white square and the second is the colored/patterned square, which both are cut on the diagonal. The third is the two halves of the block one and two sewn together...make sense?)

3. Arrange the squares to form the chevron pattern.

4.Peice together then quilt and bind :) I just used a grey print quilting cotton from JoAnn's that was on sale for the back and an aqua for the binding.

So the best part about making two of the same quilt is to be able to give one away without feeling like you are losing your new best friend. This quilt's twin was sold in a silent auction where the proceeds went to a local women's shelter and my good friend, Kat, was the winner...yay! So I know the quilt is in a good loving home (now I sound completely cheesy...lol).

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  1. Just wondering how big your squares are??

  2. Square size is not mention? Maybe 5"?? How many blocks?

  3. Cut each square to.......? How many squares???

    1. I have the same question. The number of fabrics in a layer cake (set of 10 inch squares) varies. However, I count 42 squares for one quilt; this would be 21 white squares and 21 squares of contrasting color to make one quilt. To make the two quilts, per the instructions, you would need twice that many. But that's just my math.

    2. Remember that each block only uses half of a ten inch square. Or when you sew together a white square and a colored square you get two blocks. So there is enough fabric for two quilts.

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  5. I would like to make a queen size quilt. So how much material would I need!! Can I use a solid material instead of white??


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