toddler towel bib tutorital

Toddler Towel Bib Tutorial

Dish or Hand Towel
1/4 yard of knit fabric
Coordinating thread

1. You will need to make a circle pattern. Mine is 2.5 inches radius.

2. Place your pattern where you would like the hold for the head and cut using a rotary cutter or you can outline with chalk or invisible fabric marker and then cut with scissors. I think using the small rotary is much quicker.

3. Next measure the circumference of the hole and then you will need about 15% less of that for the knit in length. You want less because you need the knit to stretch a bit in order to lay flat.
---My circumference was 17 inches... 17x.15=2.55; 17-2.55=14.45; inches then include 1/2 inch for seam allowance (1/4 inch each end)---

4. Cut your knit with grain going length wise 3x15 inches. You want it to stretch side to side. ----The 15 inches comes from the number we calculated above---

5. Press your knit in half. Sew the ends together using a zigzag stitch or on the serger. I've shown two different ways to do this. The red knit shows the seam hidden and the grey has it exposed on the underside.


6. Now pin your knit ring to the towel. Place right sides with raw edges together. I would start your pin where your seam is at the top. We will call that NORTH. Find the half way on the knit ring and pin it directly across from the NORTH...which will be south. Then do the same for EAST AND WEST, the all SE, SW, NE, and NW. This will help you from not stretching your knit too much at the beginning or the end.
(if you do the exposed seam version, make sure you have it facing out when you sew...made that mistake :)

7. Now you will need to sew around the neck using a zigzag stitch or serger. Make sure you are stretching the knit as you go but not the towel material. You want the stretch to keep even all around.

Now you are finished.

I added a quick little flower applique using my embroidery machine. This is
little relish #2 modeling her new bib. I made a set of these for my two year old and my 8 month old...which both girls have very large heads. I found these kitchen towels at my local TJMaxx for $7.99. I also found some super cute and cheap (2 for $1) valentine waffle towels in the Target $1 bin. --Keep in mind that waffle towels shrink considerably when washed in dried...I just couldn't pass up the bargain and wanted to practice knit collars a little more.--

Hope you found my tutorial useful and please leave a comment...I love reading them!
Have a super weekend!


PS - Please do not pass this tutorial off as your own and give credit where credit is due...thank you :)


  1. you're welcome! thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  2. just drop by here and these bibs of yours caught my attention so much because it really looks so lovely. I couldn't say anything more about these bibs and I want you to know that you have done a very great job.

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