valentine's banner

Every Tuesday morning I get a reminder on my phone to download my free shape of the week from Silhouette. Isn't that so generous of them! And although most weeks I am not in love with the free shape, sometimes I am pleasantly surprised and last week I was! I have a love-hate relationship with my Silhouette. It takes a lot of time to edit the shapes, then cut, peel and scrape, then glue, yada yada, BUT when I'm finished I am so happy that I forget all the work and the huge MESS! haha!

Last week's free shape was a valentine's banner with cute little scallop circles...eeek! I was so in love and thought about how I was going to make mine all week. I decided on vintage print cardstocks and used regular cotton twine. I made a set for me and then I am going to split the other set and give one to my little relish's teacher and then the other to my good friend for her new home.

Here is the link to Silhouette's blog, which has tons of great ideas and inspiration and here is the link for the free shape of the week in their online store (hurry, it still says it's FREE) and remember to set your reminder for every Tuesday to download the new shape! You can also download a shape from your smart phone and then the next time you log on into your Silhouette software, you just have to sync it and it will upload all your purchases.

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