Saturday, February 23, 2013

baby shadow box

Hey there! Blogging from my phone today. I'm sitting in Relish #1's room waiting for her to fall asleep for nap then Mr. Relish and I are off for an overnight...whoohoooo! It's his birthday today and he loves going to the casino. Since we are in Texas we have to head up north to Oklahoma.

I finally finished making the girls their baby shadow boxes. The hardest part was finding all the things to go in them. I put them all away for safe-keeping, but they were all in different "safe" locations that I couldn't for the life of me remember. Any-who, I snapped a few pics from my phone and here ya go. I put the onesie they each wore home, their hospital band, my favorite sono pic and their birth announcement. I got the showdown box frames at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 I think they were $15 each...maybe $18. Cant remember exactly, but we'll tell Mr. Relish $15. Haha! These are so fun to make. Might need to make a wedding one!!



  1. Hey i hopped over from your comment on a Dr. Seuss comment on my blog. I love shadow boxes and this one is just darling. Thank you for sharing. Also I have some printable Dr. Seuss book marks and other stuff coming tomorrow.
    Happy Blogging from your newest follower :)

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