Farmer's Wife Challenge - Block #4

I've had the Farmer's Wife Quilt book since Mother's Day last year and cut out all the templates right before Christmas AND I've finally completed one of the blocks! Whooohoooo! I know, I'm behind and so 2012! Haha! My goal is to make a block or two from all the scraps leftover from each of the quilts I have made (12 or so I think) and then start making one or two every time I finish a quilt. It will be a little reminder of all the different quilts and fabrics I fell in love with. I don't know how long it will take...I guess it will all depend in how quilty I am this year...ha! Right now I just need to go through all my scraps from my old quilts and get started! So here's to starting...CHEERS!

Block #4 from the last quilt, the french twist...


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