Recycled Valentine's Vases

Hello there! One last Valentine's post for you then back to sewing...

I've been saving all of little relish #2's baby food jars for a project and decided Valentine's vases were going to be it! I really didn't use many of the glass jars with baby relish like I did with my first baby. I guess the pouches are just so much easier and now she can feed herself with them. :)

I already had the spray paint, valentine stickers, ribbon and twine so I was set to go and other than the cost of flowers, my project was free. These will be great to give to teachers, babysitters, aunts, and grandmas.

First I spray painted the jars. I covered my hand with a grocery sack, held an old pencil and placed the jar on top upside down....then sprayed while twirling. I did two coats but wished I just did a better job with one coat. The second cost made the first coat crackle...which looks cool too.

After they dried, I attached the stickers then modpodged over then. Once that dried, I added ribbon and twine....

(sorry the pictures are kinda crummy, I did this post almost entirely from my phone)

I will put fresh flowers right before I hand them out. I stole these flowers off my birthday flowers from last week.

These would be great for Mother's Day, too!!

Thanks for stopping by!


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