sneak peek pin cushion

So my awesome, wonderful and very understanding husband got me a brand spanking new serger for Christmas this past year and then helped me set up my new sewing space to accommodate my brand spanking new serger...he's awesome, right? --I was taught to always lead with a compliment (hehe)...continue reading....

--This is my work space. Note the very decorated college diploma...just the way it should be...all my badges! The rest of the room has a couch, tv and more toys than a child should ever need or have....rotten! The armoire houses my Silhouette and printer on the top and tons of scrapbook paper on the bottom. All my fabrics are stored in the closet to the left. I will not share that picture, even though I did take one, because the awful mess....for shame! --

Anyway, I've been chugging away at my serger since the day I set it up but finally made it it's very own pin cushion. It's now officially apart of the family. HAHA!

I made the pin cushion from some scraps of fabric that I used to make the girls some cute spring apron knot dresses (which I will share with y'all later hence the name of the title sneak peek)and did a scrappy piecing that I saw from my favorite Saturday morning show on PBS, It's Sew Easy. I think it's episode 403.

Which reminds me...a few weeks ago right before bed, Mr. Relish presented me with his sweatpants and informed me that there was a hole in the pocket and wanted to know if I could repair it with my serger. I told him sure but not until tomorrow. I don't remember what happened or what was said next but next thing I knew, Mr. Relish was heading up the stairs to do it himself. I really didn't think he would try, but all of a sudden I hear the serger chopping away and thought, OH SHIT! I then waited a few seconds thinking he was just testing me, but then I heard the serger going again. I quickly hopped out of bed and ran up the stairs and found my husband sitting at the serger with a perplexed look on his face. My first response was WTF, then said a few other choice words (yes, I am a potty mouth but will spare you the extent of it here)and told him to get up! He didn't even know there was a cutter on the serger and by the time I got to it, it was completely unthreaded....WHICH IS WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS if you have ever threaded a serger! I looked at his sliced up pockets and then walked to my sewing machine and fixed his hot mess. After the whole debacle, I told him to NEVER EVER TOUCH MY MACHINES, EVER! He then asked, "are you going to blog about this?" My response, "Naw." -- Now the jokes on him! (LOVE YOU, MR. RELISH)

Thanks for reading including you, my wonderful husband!



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