ragdoll trio

While at the Dallas Quilt Show a couple weeks ago, I stumbled into an adorable quilt shop booth hosted by Sew It Up located in Hurst, TX. It had all my favorite fabrics and some beautiful quilts and such on display and knew it was my kind of quilt shop. I actually went back to the booth twice. Haha. While in there, they had this adorable lalaloopsy inspired doll on display with kits and patterns to purchase. I took, or so I thought, a picture of the doll on display and purchased one of the kits and the pattern, but apparently my iphone didn't take the picture. BOO!

I decided to make each of the girls one of the dolls for Easter (or early Easter because I couldn't wait) and then one for my sweet niece Madison, who will also be over for Easter. It took me longer than expected because the house got taken down with a nasty virus, BUT they are finally finished. I took a few shortcuts here and there since I was making three. For instance, the skirt isn't as fancy as the pattern shows or I didn't add as much trim in places. I don't think the girls will know any different. Also, one of the dolls is a little lalaloopsy as in a tad bit lopsided but that adds to the charm, right?! I also made sure the button eyes matched the girls eyes. Baby relish is the only one with brown eyes. These were tons of fun to make!

Here is little relish, I mean Merida, loving on her new doll...

I decided to give it to her early since she has had it rough the last 3 days. She was hit the hardest with the stomach bug. Poor girl :( Also, if you notice the little blanket under the dolls in the picture... Little relish made that blanket! Seriously!!! I have a computerized sewing machine and she sat on my lap and did all the work! Lowered and lifted the presser foot, pressed the "go/stop" button, the backstitch button and then the scissor button (to cut the thread). She got a bit dizzy when the machine was making the star boarder and excused herself, hahaha, but I think I might have a new sewing buddy! Love her!

I really enjoyed the hand embroidery part of this project and might even try my hand (pun intended) at a few hand embroidery projects while on the cruise next month...so I don't have too much sewing withdrawal. I am known to do a lot of online fabric shopping while we travel....oops.

You can purchase the pattern online from the shop here...Roxy and Lola Ragdoll Pattern.

I also snatched up a Dresden plate template at this booth and cant wait to make one! Maybe a large pillow first.



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