glamping pillow

I have my Glamping quilt top completed...yay! I can't wait until it's finished so I can share. Here is a sneak peek....

I do have a finish today to shabby glamping pillow!

I would also like to introduce you to Dolly Relish...she is our 5 year old cocker/basset mix and she is a the softest and sweetest dog and loves her little relishes. Isn't she just adorable!!! She stole my spot while I was getting the pillow to take a picture...she has a thing for couches and pillows.

Ok, back to the pillow....I was able to get cut a 2.5x2.5 square from each of the layer cake scraps to make this fun Glamping pillow. I shared my first real embroidery attempt with y'all last week here and now here it is in a very shabby pillow. I wasn't in the mood to do math (used all my math mojo while making the quilt top) when I started this pillow and was short 1 square (can you spot the square that doesn't belong?) so I just went with it and pieced them in one long row of squares till I was out of squares. I then just added them as boarders. I quilted it with a square around a square and the back has an envelope insert slot. I added a button closure on the back but forgot to take a picture of it before I left it in little relish's room before nap. She insisted on sleeping with it because it was "bootifull," as she said. She also told me "goo job" and then claimed it as her new pillow (we will see).

Speaking of little relish, I love her excitement over my completed projects and she loves to check in with me while I sew. She even gets out her cheap plastic toy sewing machine ($7) I got for her last year and pretends with her fabric scraps, but it recently broke :( It was an actual working machine, (not that it worked worth crap and plays a horrible and loud version of twinkle twinkle little star AND was as loud as my serger) but I took out the bobbin (choke hazard) and the needle (duh) before I gave it to her. I've seen some on Amazon but it's too much $ given that I render it useless anyway. Oh well, we will see. :)

I also brought home this 90" roll of Warm&White that was on sale...I decided it was way better to keep it on the roll so I just bought it all....ha!.

Have a great weekend!!



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