quilted craft apron

A few weeks ago, little relish's preschool teacher lost her phone during a busy day at school. Luckily she found it, but we began discussing how she needed a little apron to wear to keep track of her phone and other little things two year olds need (I'm sure that list can be quite extensive...lol). I told her I was on it!

After searching the internet, craft books and blogworld, I never quite found the perfect one. This is a total modpodge of all the ones I found. Since I wanted it quilted, naturally, I really just needed to get the dimensions right. I cross-referenced all the examples I found and then measured my lap and finally decided on this...

Back: 11x19 inches
Pocket: 7x19 inches
Waist bias tape: 4x88 inches (two 44 inch strips)

I made the back piece first with two pieces of the same size fabric (green back and pink poka-dot front) with cotton batting in the middle and quilted lines up and down (just like you would make a quilt sandwich). The pocket piece was made the same way instead the front I used 10-5x5 charms from Oink-a-doodle and the back was just a fun busy print. I just quilted frames around the squares. I added binding (the teal and grey binding were leftover from quilts) to the top of the pocket then attached the pocket by making the actual pockets (be sure to secure the stitch at the top by back stitching or a pocket stitch). I did two lines which made three equal size pockets. I then attached the rest of the binding (grey) and lastly made the waist band binding (2-4x44 inch pieces made into 1 inch bias tape) and then attached. You can adjust this to size if needed but this was plenty and I am NOT skinny...lol.

Please let me know if anything needs clarification! I didn't make a tutorial because I figured it had been done enough, but wanted to give basic instructions in case anyone wanted to make one. Let me know if you do...that would totally rock!



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