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So, while on the cruise a few weeks ago, I picked up some cute t-shirts for the girls. They only had big sizes left and I decided that I would make them into dresses. I used this pattern from Functional Threads on Etsy...ARRG!

She does a lot a variations of the dress. You can make flutter sleeves or put a hood on it. She is having a re-release on May 17th with slimmer options and some other changes :)

I also altered little relish's school t-shirt into this dress using this pattern. The sizes they offered were way too big. I did the three tier twirl skirt option on this one using the remaining t-shirt fabric for the middle tier. She wore it to school today and just LOVED how she could twirl around in it. This would be a great pattern for upcycling one of your old college t-shirts. :)

Also, if you have a t-shirt that is just the right size but want to make it a dress, try out this pattern...Tessa by Create Kids Couture.
This pattern has many options too and you can make a t-shirt from scratch if you were feeling brave.
Here I used some Dr. Seuss shirts I found on the clearance rack at Target. They were $5 each and just simply added the ruffle twirl to the bottom...
I thought these would be perfect for baby relish's first birthday party, which is a book/library theme :)

I got most of the knits you see here from Hobby Lobby. I recently went to JoAnn's and found some cute knits in the clearance section as well.

Tips for upcycling t-shirts into dresses:
1. Try to get a large size so you can use the extra fabric to make sleeves or skirt layer.
2. Check out my tutorial on how to put on a knit collar here. It's for the toddler bib but translates to any type of ribbed knit collar or arm band.
3. Look at local thrift shops or resale shops and in the men's and women's departments, not just kids. You can use the extra fabric to make the skirts or arms.
4. Serger is helpful, but not necessary. Make sure you use a jersey/ball point needle. Also, check out this tutorial from Pretty Prudent (formally Prudent Baby)...Sewing with Knits 101.



  1. These are super cute!! I have 3 little girls and upcycling sounds right up our alley!! Thanks for sharing :)


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