Yes, this happened...

So my oldest, who turns 3 in September, decided that she was going to put "lofin" on her sissy. Well, that was NOT was Vaseline. Everywhere. Five minutes before we leave for preschool.

I first just tried washing in the sink. That wasn't happening. Then I ran upstairs threw baby relish in the tub and washed her hair. It seemed like it was out so I dried her, got her dressed and went to comb her hair. Guess what?!? It was still in there.

So I said, forget it and ill worry about it after I got the culprit to school. In the meantime I reached out to my Facebook friends for some sympathy and advice. Most said dish soap but one said corn starch. Ahhhh hah!
Not even the baby was safe.

I sprinkled the cornstarch baby powder all over baby relish and let it marinate. Right before nap I threw her back in the tub and washed 3 more times.

It worked!!!! She was spent and pissed and I didn't blame her.

Happy Sunday!



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