Beach and Great Mimi's Quilts

We recently spent some time in the Rio Grande Valley. Wait, what? You don't know where the Rio Grande Valley is? Well, let me tell you...It's south Texas. No, not Houston. No, not San Antonio. Keep going....It's the very very tip of Texas! You might have heard of South Padre Island? Yes, that's it! But not quite. Mr. Relish is from Harlingen, Texas. It's not that exciting to visit but it is always relaxing. Unfortunately, there isn't a quilt shop around, but there is a Hobby Lobby.

To break up the 9 hour drive down, we spent the night in Austin to visit with some friends and ate some Mexican food. The girls loved the fish pond inside the restaurant!

Once we got to Harlingen, Annabelle went hunting for lizards and saw her first movie at the theater.

Then, we trespassed onto the country club greens and later picked flowers in Great Mimi's garden.

We did end up spending a few days at the beach during this visit. It was big relish's second time at the beach but little relish's first. Little relish loved the sand but wasn't too excited about the water. Big relish lacks any fear of the water so she had a blast! I used my waterproof camera to take the pictures so they aren't spectacular.

And here is the best picture of all...

{courtesy of Mr. Relish}

While there, I also visited with Mr. Relish's grandmother, Mimi, about her two very beautiful quilts that she made. The flower quilt was put together in the 40's but wasn't actually completed until a few years ago when Mimi finally sent it off to be quilted binded (or is it bounded? hmph.). She would help a family friend with her dishes and chores in exchange for lessons and materials. All the flowers are hand appliqued and the muslin fabrics come from sugar bags! Man, I wish I could get my quilting fabrics by buying sugar and feed bags and I bet so does Mr. Relish! Although, if I did get fabric from buying sugar and feed I would make a lot of sweet tea and cupcakes and raise chickens...So, you're welcome, Mr. Relish. - See what I did there...brighter side-- I love all the colors and so do my little relishes. Here they are doing what they do best, photo bombing a quilt shoot!

Here is her lovely cathedral window quilt. It is huge and very heavy. She started the quilt in her sewing club but never got around to finishing it. Her friends in sewing club decided to help her out and made all the windows and would give it to her as gifts. Isn't that the sweetest thing! I had fun looking at all the window and the different fabrics.

Thanks for reading about our vacation and Great Mimi's quilts!



  1. That second quilt is AMAZING!!! It looks like so much work.

    I had to giggle when you mentioned going to Hobby Lobby on vacation because it's the same thing I do everytime we visit somewhere: "Is there a yarn shop? Oooo...look--a Joann's I haven't visited!"

    Looks like you guys had a lovely time! I just went to San Diego for the holiday and we didn't even get to go to the beach. :(

    1. The cathedral quilt really was amazing. It needs some repairs. Maybe next time I'm there I can do it for her. I'm glad I finally took some pictures of them and got some more details about when she made them.

      Oh, JoAnn's would be nice there too! I really am amazed at the lack of fabric shops. Probably best. Lol. Glad y'all had a nice trip to San Diego!


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