EPP bling...

So, as you know I recently started EPPing and made a myself handy dandy little kit. I also discovered that having scissors handy and small children around equals lots of "no, no" and quickly moving and re-hiding the scissors. Then, I learned of the Clover thread cutting pedant and thought that would be a great alternative to scissors. I got mine at JoAnns this week (which btw all quilting notions such as are 50% off this week!!!) for only $3.50. Then I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday morning and found an antique brass ball chain ($1.99) and this cute dangle charm with scissors (ironic huh?), ruler, and button ($1.50 @ 1/2 off). Viola! At least I'll be styling even if I'm EPPing in my PJs.

Happy Thursday!


ps - check back tomorrow for another giveaway!!


  1. I've not seen those pendants before - genius and pretty, and the other bits match so well! Who doesn't love a bargain? I wish we had Joann's over here in the UK! :-)


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