Japanese fabrics!

Lookie, lookie!! I ordered for the first time from Blossom Heart Quilts on Etsy and love my new Japanese fabric bundle. Alyce, who lives in Japan, does a bundle once a month based on a theme and all for $35 (includes shipping). She gets to do the shopping for these, too....LUCKY!! Might need to move some fabric money around so I can subscribe monthly. Hehe.

This month's bundle theme was Tanabata, which is a festival that begins in July.

What should I make with these lovelies?



  1. Ooooooohhhh, those really are pretty!!

    1. Yes, they are more lovely in person! Now, what to do with them once I take them down off their pedestal....hmmm ;)

  2. Gosh these are really pretty!
    I may have to check her shop out!
    xo jan

  3. $35 with shipping?! What a deal! Very colorful too. I love it.


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