Zakka 2.0 - Dinosaur Hat

We are just trucking right along in the Patchwork, Please sew-along. This week is an adorable dinosaur hat for baby or toddler. I decided to make two, one for each of the relishes. However, it looks like little relish will get both, because it was a tad bit small for big relish. See, I make large children. They are both in the 97%ile for height and weight and have been since they were born. My (not even) 3 year old is the size of a 5 year old and my 13 month old is the size of a 2 year old.

It's been raining here for two days so I took pictures in the master bedroom where there is lots of natural please excuse the messy room and the dog bed!

I still got a picture of big relish wearing it...

Little relish not so took about 25 pictures to get these few...

I used a flannel for the hat portion and just some cotton animal print scraps for the rest and the insides. Not sure if I would make this again, but it was a very quick sew....took less than an hour to make both. The shape of the hat reminds me of a football helmet, so I bet with some modifications it would be a great helmet/hat for a Halloween costume. Maybe just make it out of felt and make a mouth guard that just Velcros over. These are the times I wish I had a little boy.

Next week is a quilt so I need to get started or at least scale it down into a pillow or tote bag!

For more information about Zakka 2.0 you can check it out here.



  1. How adorable! Looks like it is being loved too, bonus!!!

    1. Thank you! I'm sad it didn't quilt fit my oldest, but she was wearing it again this afternoon anyway. Hehe

  2. Very cute! I'm seeing that it probably won't fit my granddaughter as I had planned...need to adjust I guess. Thanks for mentioning the size detail...

    1. It might still girls have very large heads! Fingers Crossed!

  3. Aw they look so cute! Great job! I'm skipping this part of the sew along... :-/


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