Sewing time with small kids...

Ellison Lane Quilts just wrapped up her Studio Spotlight Series and now it's time for all us bloggers show off our sewing space. Sorry to most of you that have seen my space, but I cant pass up such a fun and easy linky party!

My Space

My sewing space is in our former guest bedroom (pre-kids) and now is home to our playroom/sewing room. I have this side of the wall and then keep all my paper crafts, printer, and silhouette in the cabinet and then my fabrics are stored in the closet. To the right are three large windows for natural light and a cozy sofa. There is also a TV in there connected to Netflix where I can catch-up on tv series I missed the train on. Right now I'm hooked on Pretty Little Liars. I was so disappointed Netflix discontinued Downton Abbey, though. :(


Here is my fabric stash in 1/2 the closet that I shared last week...

Show me your stash...
--Note the swoon blog on the door...well it's not there anymore BECAUSE I finished all 9 blocks and they are in line to get sashed!!! Whooohoooo!--

I get asked all the time by friends who have small aged kids like me when I find the time to sew. I always say when you love to do something, you make the time. I love having my sewing space in the playroom. It allows me to be there and still interact with them (or break up fights) while still getting to do something I enjoy. Before naptime the girls are allowed to play for about 30 mins in here and once they are down for nap I get my serious sew on. We also spend about 2 hours every evening in here right after dinner. They love to watch tv and play with their dad since he is at work all day earning more fabric

Speaking of Mr. Relish...he sent me flowers last week for no particular reason....and that is the best reason of all! Here is a picture of them that that I took because I wanted to try out a new Action from Coffee Shop Blog called Coffee Shop Web Round-It and then added a Vintage Matte overlay.


That is all I have for you today, I think. I am working on my Zakka 2.0 project today and then some Swoon and Star Surround this week. I did make the girls some dresses for school and will share those when they get to wear them next week. :)

Happy Monday!


  1. I love how you combined your sewing space with your kids play space. If you can't beat 'em join 'em! I can't wait to see your Swoon quilt!

  2. Love your space! I watch Netflix while I sew too. If they've discontinued Downton Abbey, try the site. Not sure what season you're on but I'm pretty sure you can still some watch some episdoes of season 3 there. That's how I caught up earlier this year. Or try Hulu. They've got seasons 1 and 2 available right now, but not 3. And you can do a 1 week free trial with them, if you don't have a subscription already. (In case you couldn't tell, I'm a bit of a Downton Abbey fanatic!)

  3. Melissa, I love your sewing space! Looks like such a warm cozy lovely place to sew and gather. Really love your sewing machine/serger set-up, and the rolls of ribbon artwork on the wall. So-many great storage ideas!

  4. How wonderful to be able to have your own sewing space, even if you share with the family. When our boys were little, I did all my sewing with them somewhere nearby, usually wrestling or worse. I'm impressed with how pretty and organized it all is.

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