Dashing through the snow...

Well, I was a busy little elf last week stitching away and shopping for Christmas gifts. Other than one little giftcard I need to get, I am finished. Whooohooo! Everything is wrapped, Santa has been seen, and I will deliver all the teacher gifts this week.

I do want to share some simple and quick gift ideas to stitch up for last minute gifts and most with a tutorial link!

1. I made some more composition book covers for a few of the teachers and our fantastic babysitter. These are super fun and easy to whip up. Our babysitter is a grad student in a microbiology lab and actually uses a composition book for all her lab notes. Needless to say she was thrilled to receive a fancy lab book cover and her lab mates were quite jealous, too (at least the girl ones were)! I used Jedi Craft Girl's Quilted Composition Cover Tutorial.

2. In the last sewing class I tought, only 2 ladies were able to come due to the ice storm Dallas received last weekend. So I decided to just postpone the lesson planned and we made scrap ornaments using Jenny's pattern at Stumbles and Stitches instead. I did mine a little different. I pieced a bunch of strips leftover from my Mae's Daisy Quilt and put batting on the back and quilted. I then traced out a bunch of stockings and then stitched together wrong sides together leaving an opening on the top. I stuffed a tad bit of poly-fil (or cotton balls would work) and then added the ribbon and stitched the top closed.

3. I made great mimi some oven mitts, which are replicas of mine that I love so dear, but they look terrible with stains and holes. Don't worry, I made myself a pair too! Fabric is from JoAnn's two years ago. If you are interested in a pattern for these, I can trace mine and post a pdf. Let me know if so in the comments. I have had so many pot holders over the years but these are the perfect shape and size. It is triple layered with cotton batting and thermal/insulation interfacing.

4. I made each of the teachers a zipper pouch and key fob as well. I love this gathered zipper pouch tutorial by noodlehead! It was easy to make and just took a little bit more time but so worth it!

For the key fobs, I just took two 2" strips of fabric and pieced long sides together. Then pressed them as if I was making double sided bias tape and topstitched each side. I then cut the pieces to the size I needed and attached the key fob hooks to them.

Funny story: Yesterday, when I was picking up little relish, her teacher asked me where I got my key fob and I had to tell her she might or might not be getting one too! lol

And that is it, my friends! I hope you get your Christmas shopping and stitching finished soon and can enjoy time with your family.

I would like to leave you with my sweet relishes visiting Santa!


ps - big relish is so stinking proud that she sat on Santa's lap this year! {and so am I!}

Merry Christmas!



  1. Awesome gifts! I have a couple of gifts to make so I might use a couple of these. The little relishes are adorable! :-)

  2. you have been busy and made some delightful gifts

  3. What lovely gifts! Merry Christmas.

  4. Great gifts, and thanks for all of the links.

  5. Oh Melissa! These are some great gifts...I love those zipper pouches!!! The stockings and the covers are adorable too. Maybe I have some time to whip up one or two:) Merry Christmas to you and your little relishes! So nice to have met you this year. See you in 2014:)

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