QuiltBLISS, packing and a pouch...

So sorry it's been quiet here, but I promise things should get back to half normal after the end of the month. We officially list the house on the 31st and it just so happens that I'll be in Utah at QuiltBLISS....eeeekkkk! So sorry to Mr. Relish for abandoning him to take care of the lil relishes during this time.

With that said, I need to decide what projects I want to work on while at QuiltBLISS. I need to get a charity quilt made by April and then a quilt for my dad as well. Luckily I have all those fabrics in my stash. I'm renting a sewing machine there but besides that, I need to figure out what I want to bring. Anyone want to share their quilt retreat packing list? Lol

I do have a small little finish from several weeks ago...

(If you've seen the movie then you might appreciate the gentleman under the sleigh...hehe).

I made big relish a Frozen pouch to put all her new Frozen figurines in. She picked out the fabric at JoAnns and I made it during her nap. She was just thrilled once it was finished. I used Annie's Soft and Sable and Noodlehead's wide open pouch (large size). I made her a pillow case using this pattern with the rest of the fabric.

I do have a few other finishes that I completed before chaos ensued and hope to get those photographed and shared next week or when I get back.

Confession: I listen to the Frozen soundtrack almost daily. Alone. Ok, now I feel better getting that one off my chest.
Lastly, I want to apologize for not replying or thanking everyone for their comments. I read every single one of them, but just not able to reply to them all as fast as I usually do. So with that said, I might not be commenting or participating as much in everyone's blogs, but I'm still doing my best to read and follow along. I'm here, just quiet! Thanks so much and wish us luck (especially Mr.Relish next weekend)!


  1. Cute pouch! That will likely keep the little Relishes busy while Mr. Relish is juggling the listing of the house. Have fun at Quiltbliss, and hope you'll share some pictures when you get back! Have fun!!

  2. I hope you have a blast. Bring warm socks... It gets cold up the canyon. ;)

  3. enjoy the show, what a good idea they hire out machines, sorry cannot help with your list

  4. It's a lot to keep up with everyone's blogs and comments. Have fun at QuiltBliss and be sure to give up a full wrap up when you return. I just found out about that one, too late to sign up this year. Maybe next year!

  5. What a great bag! Sometimes I get so behind I just have to start fresh and let it go. Life gets in the way:) Oooh, your gonna have so much fun! Lots and lots of pics please!


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