Nothing exciting...or is there...

Nope, nothing exciting but don't leave! I have very little to share/report lately and that sucks. I've been teaching more at Urban Spools this month and subsequently sewing less at home. I did sneak in a quilt in the beginner quilt series and that helped a bit with my sewing itch. That's some fussy cut Amy Butler, guys!!!

I am also working on a charity quilt for Lala Salama -100 Quilts for Kenya. They requested a twin size quilt tranquil blues and greens. You can read more here on Alyce's post. I think I spent more deciding on fabrics and patterns than I did on making the top. I actually cut up a bunch of green and blues into triangles and then changed my mind. If anyone wants these, send me an email and I'll send them to you. I don't want them wasted but know I won't make them into anything. Maybe someone else can give it a shot. ;) my redo is basted and ready to be quilted so hopefully I'll get to share that soon and can send it on its merry way. They are due in April but I indicted January when I signed up and feel terrible. It's not like me to procrastinate this much. We move in two weeks so not sure if this will be completed before or after. I hope before! If you are interested in participating, you can sign up here.

Speaking of moving... man alive, this moving stuff is stressful! I can handle the packing and planning but dealing with all the other stuff is so draining. I'm glad we aren't pressured for time and know things will all work out accordingly, but if we can just get to that point I'll be better.

Lastly, I wanted to share a quick video the UCMQG had put together for QuiltBLISS. Check it out and next year it will be February 19th-22nd (I think) so mark your calendars!

Oh, and here is a picture of my little kitty relishes in Rapunzel dresses...CHEEZE!
( can see my Amy Butler class quilt waiting its turn to be quilted in the back)



  1. Haha, guess what I spent my night last night cutting?! And this morning laying out half on an improvised design wall?! Nothing like the last minute for me too :/

  2. good fussy cutting there. What a shame you are not going to use the triangles, if no one else requests I would like to be considered. My daughter has just started nursing at the local hospice, her dream for a while now and having completed a course in pallative care to add to her general nursing qualifications was able to apply fr the position.. I plan to help raise funds by making things for them both to use in the hospice if good enough sell in the shop and use as raffles etc.

    Seeing your girls takes me back to when mine were young, they too liked to get into boxes etc

  3. What a great use of a large print! Love it. So bright and fun.

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