Dallas Quilt Show

As promised, here is a quick recap of the Dallas Quilt Show hosted by the Dallas Quilt Guild. Warning: Picture Overload (but they are quilts so really a good warning;).
As some of y'all learned from my previous post, we went to DisneyWorld two weeks ago and got home the same weekend of the Dallas Quilt Show. Even though I was exhausted, I still made it! I have to say, Dallas has some amazing quilters. Just take a gander at a small sampling of the quilts below and you'll see why.
I took big relish along with me and you might even find her taking a picture with her favorite quilt. :) She actually really enjoyed herself. Glad I have a little buddy to go look at quilts and fabric with me. Well, at least for now. Ha!
Each quilt is identified with a following picture of the info card. The last three pictures are all of the winner and it's a sparkling doozy of a quilt in the best possible way! Big relish asked if I would make her one. Hahahaha! No.
Oh, and the theme this year was Modern Quilts...whoop!



(And guess who bought this quilt kit at the show??? ME!!!)


(The two previous quilts were quilted by Michelle Kitto, owner of Urban Spools, where I teach). Yay Michelle!!
And finally the winner! Be sure to read it's touching story. :)
This back is absolutely stunning and really sparkles, but hard to tell in the picture. But you can see all the intricate work involved and 22,000 crystals!! Congrats, Cheri, Linda and Greg!


  1. wow the winner is spectacular, lots of nice quilts here, modern is so very popular now and i can see why

  2. Thank you very much for the lovely pictures!
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  3. Thanks for sharing some amazing quilts from the Dallas show....I cannot even imagine working on the winning quilt.


  4. All of these quilts are amazing!! I can't even believe some of them. Such interesting qualities in so many of them. After the quilt show did you just collapse and finally get some rest? Lol. That sounds like so much busyness.

  5. Love the photo overload. Thanks for sharing these... some really great quilts here. The best part of reading so many blogs is the personal stories and photos from shows all over the place. Thanks for posting these!

  6. Loved seeing all of those pretty quilts! I think big-relish needs a Disney quilt!

  7. Wow! What beautiful quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I need to pick my jaw up off the floor now! looks like dallas is a show I would have loved! that modern Dresden is explosive! thanks for sharing all the good pictures.

  9. It would be well worth it to see all the skilled handiwork. Looking at the handmade quilts is a real treat. It is pretty amazing to see what some people can do with some scraps of fabric.
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  10. Last year I had been to such quilting shows and enjoyed classes, workshops and demonstrations. Displays of quilts in both traditional and modern styles were interesting to see, and there were lots of quilting fabrics, notions, machines and other supplies available for purchase.

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