Procrastinating at the happiest place on earth...

Yep, we went to DisneyWorld last week and it was magical!! Mr. Relish and I went there for our honeymoon 5+ years ago and decided to take the girls this year. I hate the heat and wanted to be sure we went early so we picked the first week of March and the weather was perfect! I actually booked the trip right before we put the house on the market not thinking it would sell so quickly, but it did! So, we decided to just enjoy the trip and worry about the packing when we got back. And guess what? We did enjoy it and now I'm hurting for it. Lol. But the good news is we are moved to our temporary house and now going to "patiently" wait for our new house to be finished.

We basically used all our Fast Passes to meet the princesses and the girls loved it! Their eyes lit up for each and every one of them. We made sure to take in as many shows as possible, too. Big relish has a thing for live stage proformances.

In usual "mama-can-sew-that" fashion, I made the relishes a few peasant style princess dresses.

This was little relish about once a day, thank goodness!

I used Create Kids Couture's Jewel Peasant dress pattern and just modified the skirt to be a solid piece of fabric.


Big relish loved meeting Mickey! She gave him the longest hug with no hesitation. Right before we left her told her, "Now remember, never trust a cheetah!" Now, why he decided to tell her that is beyond me but she remembered that nugget of advice the entire trip, even when we countered one during our safari at Animal Kingdom. She started screaming at all the other passengers this valuable information. If anyone know what it means, please share!!! Lol

We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge on property and it was amazing. Loved seeing all the amazing animals right outside our balcony! There were beautiful pieces of African art throughout the hotel, but I really loved all the hand appliqu├ęd textiles, including this one located in our room. Naturally.

That's all I got for you this week, but I did make a quick stop at the Dallas Quilt Show as soon as we got back. Big relish tagged along and we saw some amazing quilts and got a few goodies. I hope to share that will you sometime this week so stay tuned. Now off to get my new sewing space put together. Priorities!



  1. your girls certainly have a lovely time to remember and I am sure will be looking at the photos a great deal. Maybe Mickey meant cheaters, bad people not the animals?

  2. Love the picture of your girls with Rapunzel. The dress colors are perfect. I

  3. The dresses are adorable. It looks like you had a nice trip. I love that very animated picture with Mickey.

  4. Absolutely love your girls' dresses - great job!
    My husband and I are thinking about travelling to Disneyland next year, our daughter will nearly be two and a half years old then - did your girls enjoy it? My husband is a bit worried that it will be too much for our little one, and since we are travelling from Sydney, Australia, we don't want to "waste" a trip.

  5. What fun! Those dresses are too cute. Totally worth all the craziness afterward, great memories:) Great pics too!

  6. So glad you posted photos of your fun adventure and I am more than a little envious of the hotel you stayed at. Glad you had nice weather, I have taken my girls to Disneyland when it was way too hot and it made all of us miserable. Adorable dresses you made!!

  7. What adorable dresses you made! It must have been the highlight of their trip to meet all the princesses and look like them too. :-) And Margaret is right. Mickey meant "Cheaters". It's a play on words from the joke "What animal can you never trust? A Cheetah (Cheater)".

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