That's a whole lotta...


Can anyone guess the fabric collection? Those are 172 HSTs, but I had a lot of help making them thanks to my new ruler, Square Up Ruler by Quilt in a Day. I might have the larger 9 1/2 inch version in my shopping cart right now. ;)

I'm really missing my blog and all my wonderful readers lately and hope to find my groove again. The past two weeks I've been finishing some quilting obligations (some I can share soon and some not so quite yet ;) and then I should be back! I recently ordered Strip Savvy from Amazon and can't wait to make something from it...such a fun book! I want to make every one of the quilts in that book. Seriously awesome book!

I ended up putting my temporary sewing space in big relishes room (remember we are waiting for our new house to be finished) because her room is huge and with a crazy huge walk in closet. Since all her clothes fit into her dresser, that closet is ALL mine!! Bless this child for agreeing to share her room. And yes, I asked her first and she said "shore" -- hehe.

That's my mom's doggie, Sophie, under the desk. Hi "Fophie!" - as big relish calls her.

I also had my fun friend, Mena, come take a few pictures of me the other day for the blog (and something else hint hint). She did a great job! Thanks Mena!!

I did finish my Lala Salama -100 Quilts today and it's been photographed and washed. It will begin its journey to Kenya tomorrow. I'll share that one later this week. Hope you had a good weekend!



  1. Hi Melissa, I love reading your blog and seeing all the beautiful things that you create. I am nominating you for the Liebster Award. I have answered 11 questions on my blog and I'm passing them on to you. :)

  2. The photo of you looks great! Best wishes with your secret big news.

  3. lots of triangles, I have just cut out 204 for the triangle quilt challenge with the sassy quilter. A great cupboard for your supplies, are you having one built in the new house? Love the photo, very photogenic. Fascinated by the iron rest you seem to have, don`t think we have them here in the UK must look into it as I am always scorching my covers

  4. Thats looks like a good temporary set up you got there! I just got the same ruler too:) Glad to know its a good one. We miss you too, cant wait to see what you do with these HSt's.


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