Lala Salama...

...which means safe sleep in Swahili.

I recently finished a very simple quilt that ended up being such a struggle for me. It was a charity quilt for a wonderful organization and cause, Lala Salama - 100 Quilts. Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts introduced me to this great plan and was thrilled to participate. Thanks Alyce!

They asked for 100 quilts to lay on top of 100 beds in a Kenyan children's hospital. They needed them to be twin size, in a tranquil blue and green color way, and kid friendly (so no scary prints --that part was easy).

I originally planned on making another triangle quilt and got some lovely green and blue FQ bundles from Christa Quilts closing shop sale (also used my generous $25 gift card from Giveaway Day). I took these bundles with me to QuiltBLISS and cut up a ton of triangles. But something just wasn't grooving with me. And I was falling short with the number of triranges cut verses needed. --Dang triangle math! So I decided to go back to the drawing board and thought hard about what a child really appreciates in a quilt and realized it was mostly just the fabrics used. So I looked through my {girly} fabric collection and pulled out prints that had the blues and greens and then pulled some solid blues and greens to get the color scheme down. I went with a simple patchwork using 5 inch squares.

I did a semi-random layout and just made sure the prints were in a diagonal pattern. Love the zoo print!!

This quilt is huge and heavy. Mr. Relish (6 feet tall) was standing on a chair and complaining of arm cramps during the photo shoot. Haha! Then big relish did her usually photo bomb, but the joke's on her because I love the way her pictures came out!



I'm not in love with this quilt and it's not my best work, but just as big relish has demonstrated, it's snugly and kid friendly and that's what counts. I hope it gives lots of warmth and smiles!




  1. You are so right! The kis love it!!!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  2. its beautiful - and will definitely be loved :-)

  3. Such a worthwhile cause and I am sure the child who gets this quilt will be delighted.
    your daughter looks delightful wrapped up in the quilt

  4. I hate to say doesn't really matter much if you love the quilt, it matters that you made the quilt for a very good cause and the lucky child who receives your quilt will feel the love all the way from Texas!!

  5. Such a gorgeous quilt!! I know the hospital is new but I'm imagining an old-style hospital corridor with a bunch of beds lined up, each made up with a colorful quilt. Amazing!!! I hope they post pictures of all the quilts. If they do, let us know!

  6. Oh, Melissa! I think it looks great! Someone will love this so much and a big one too. These are great pics of your daughter looks so happy!


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