Friday, April 18, 2014

Sewing Machine Revivals: Part 2

I bought a....Singer 327K! There really isn't anything cool about this machine except for the gorgeous color! If I could custom select a color for a sewing machine, it would be this color.

Sewing Table Revival

So here is the story of 327K...

While checking out eBay for some Featherweight goodies, I came across this vintage teal Singer 327K. I really loved it and wanted it. It ended up selling for $200 at midnight while I was fast asleep (priorities), but the next morning I was mad at myself for not getting it. I also kept thinking that $200 was too risky for a vintage sewing machine off of eBay with not much of a return policy. So later the next day, I came across another one, but this one was only $100. Hmmmm. I sent the buyer a few questions regarding its working condition and ultimately bought it. Ok, immediately. {I really need to work on my impulse buying - next week}

Sewing Table Revival

Ok! What the hell was I thinking!?! I just recently got the Singer 221. I don't need another sewing machine. I already have 4 and now 6!

(Photo source: eBay listing linked above)

So less than a week later, the machine shows up and it was working (whew!), but the bobbin case was missing the tension screws. Dang it! So, back to eBay I go and I found one for $10. In the meantime, I start cleaning this big girl up. She was well taken care of before and had very little lint build up, but she did need a little polishing here and there. I took apart everything to give it a good cleaning (even the tension assembly!). I was quite pleased with myself. Check out all my dirty work..

(Before cleaning tension assembly)
(After cleaning)
(Before cleaning inside)

I thought I was finished with Ebay and then I saw a sewing machine table that someone was willing to ship, but it had the 328K (327K's big brother) attached to it. I reached out to the buyer to ask if she was willing to separate the two and she said "sure" and within a day I was the owner of a sewing machine table. It arrived it a box and it was HEAVY! I opened it up and lo and behold, another dang sewing machine! I guess she decided it wasn't worth the trouble of removing the machine before she shipped it. Unfortunately, this machine is not in very good shape but at least I have one for parts (even a bobbin case...dang it!). Also, one of the bolts that attached the machine to the table was busted and back to eBay I go again. Fortunately, Singer was pretty consistent with their sewing tables and used the same bolt for decades. It was fairly easy to locate a pair for $12.

I knew I wanted to refinish this table, but I spent the entire week deciding how. I actually came across the exact table that was refinished in a beautiful teal, but since the machine was teal I thought that was too much. I also loved the wood and wanted to keep some of that.

After two trips to Home Depot, I had the supplies needed to strip, sand and stain the wood and then the white paint for the bottom {I used Behr Antique White in Eggshell Enamel for all inquiring minds}.

I first took apart the top of the table and put all the screws and hinges to the side. I spray painted the handles with oil rubbed bronze spray pain (Rustoleum I think).

I spray primed the base and began stripping the wood to take off the existing finish. It took two good stripping attempts and then a good sanding.
This spot was a little worrisome, but it was covered up very nicely by the stain.
I picked a dark vintage stain (Jacobean by Minwax) and then finished with wax. I debated on using wax or poly finish, but ended up with the wax. I love the vintage look it gives the wood. I applied one heavy coat and buffed out after 15 mins, then applied a thin coat and let cure overnight and buff once more.
Aren't they gorgeous together?! I have always wanted a vintage sewing table and machine and couldn't be happier! My mom even said she wanted one for her house even though she doesn't sew! Now I need to break them in with a new quilt.
Isn't that wood pretty!?!
A little spot for the foot and other goodies.
Oh, and in case you were wondering, her stitches are beautiful! Check out a quick video...
Sorry about the shaking and did you see some Dolly hair? The curse of black fabric.
I think it was serendipitous that these two items made their way to me and hope you enjoyed reading about it all. Please let me know if you have any questions about the whole process. I'm happy to share!
Oh, and Hoppy Easter!




  1. Very nice! I have four vintage machines.

  2. I am really impressed by your refinishing skills and your new toys. If you need a new hobby I think you could refurbish and sell machines, no hubby required :)

  3. I love sewing on vintage machines... thanks for sharing your 2 new ones! Awesome job on the reno... I am not skilled there but my honey is :) Happy stitching on your new machines! Kathi

  4. Beautiful!!! Love the table!! And the machine is so pretty! I am also looking for a Singer Featherweight, but here in Sweden they are scarce. Last week I ended up buying a small Elna Lotus, that will be perfect for bringing along. Just like you it just sort of happened, very quickly... I do love it, even though the old Elna Lotus are a bit newer, but they are quite clever! Good luck with the new machine!

  5. Oh, lucky you! What a fabulous job you did there, it looks fantastic.

  6. WOW, you are quite the furniture and vintage machine refurbisher! I am highly impressed. Happy Easter!!

  7. you are certainly building up a wonderful collection of machines and such skill at repairing and cleaning to make them look like new. I have a large horn cabinet shame you are not in the UK as I want to sell that and think you might not be able to resist the temptation!

  8. Love the makeover on the cabinet - looks perfect with the beautiful machine sitting in there!! Are you starting to compete with Bonnie Hunter and her sewing machine collection??? :)

  9. You have totally inspired me to give one that I have a new redo! This came out fabulous!!!

  10. It is absolutely gorgeous after the refinishing job. Nice work.

  11. So completely exciting. You refinishing job on the cabinet is wonderful. Congratulations!! Vicki

  12. What a great job you've done....I agree with Lisa...this could easily be your job to fund your habit LOL machines and fabric...perfection!

  13. What a wonderful post! Aqua is my favorite color and the way you refinished the cabinet really makes it so personal and professional! It stepped right out of the Fifties! I'm going to look around your blog now. Oh and I sent a link to your sight to two blog friends who love vintage machines and rehab them. I have the same machine but in boring beige. The cursing from me while trying to quilt on it with metallic thread caused my dh to buy me a new machine!
    Leeanna Paylor
    Not Afraid of Color!

  14. Wonderful job giving these pieces a new lease on life. Beautiful work.

  15. I thought I was finished with Ebay and then I saw a sewing machine table that someone was willing to ship, but it had the 328K (327K's big ...

  16. They've been left by their owners in care of Tony's skilful hands. He's had his shop for over 30 years and can talk you through all the models,

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