Texas Roadtrip QAL: Big Bend

Just a little PSA to let you know that Cristina over at Pretty Little Quilts is sharing her Big Bend block today on her blog and there is another awesome Aurifil giveaway to enter! Oh, and her blog post puts my writing skills to shame! You must go read it even if you aren't participating!!

Stopping in Big Bed today for the #texasroadtripqal @prettylittlequilts blog! Even if you aren't participating, go check out Cristina's narrative about big bend; her writing skills are awesome!!! She also made a ghost town block that's pretty cool! Great

We are in Tyler today and @sewthreadink put together a wonderful guest post over at @prettylittlequilts blog. Go check out her Tyler Rose block and enter to win some Aurifil thread!! #aurifil @alexveronelli #texasroadtripqal

That's all I got for you today...carry on!


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