Texas Roadtrip QAL: Dallas

Howdy from Dallas! Head on over to the Urban Spool's blog to get the low down on Dallas and check out Ashley's awesome ferris wheel, Texas Star, block! Ashley is the head "fabric maven" at Urban Spools and does just about everything from quilting samples to keeping the shop super organized! She is such a sweet person and it has been a privilege to get to know her. So if you are ever in Dallas or the neighborhood, be sure to stop by and say hi!

 I'm so excited about this block and I might have to make mine tonight!!

Thanks so much, Ashley! If you want to see more of what Ashley is up to, check her out on instagram (@amagmom).


Update 6/2/14 - On Ashley's pattern, be sure to add a line on the A piece between A4 & A5. :) 


  1. I have selected my fabrics, but am wondering about the city blocks. Do you think those would stand out more using different fabrics? I am just wondering if they will blend in with the other blocks and I want that fab ferris wheel block to stand out


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