Texas Roadtrip QAL: Fort Worth

Hi Y'all! We are cruising over to historic Fort Worth today with Jodie and Lindsey at Fort Worth Fabric Studios! Make sure to head on over to check out their Fort Worth block and some fun touristy facts about cowtown!


Also, be sure to come visit on Sunday to get the pattern for the second quadrant!



  1. Am I missing something? I went to FWFS and can't find their block. The link takes me to their online store.

  2. You might also check out the pattern I designed that is similar to your inspiration quilt. Here is a link to it. http://www.quiltingqueenonline.com/p/quilt-patterns.html

  3. Ok, I found it. Just clicked on the wrong link. Didn't realize there were 2 different ones. Sorry!


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