Surprise City for the Texas Roadtrip QAL - Corpus Christi

Hope you don't mind, but I was feeling a little sorry for the one city that wasn't snatched up for our roadtrip. I've been to Corpus Christi a few times for work, once for a lovely wedding and then of course driving on the the outskirts heading down to the Rio Grande Valley, but haven't ever actually spent some quality time there. So, please forgive my limited knowledge and accept my awesome googling and cut and paste skills!

Aside from the obvious reasons to visit Corpus (beaches), there are many other great attractions including [source for links, infor and pictures: ]:

Texas State Aquarium: Located on North Beach, this beautiful facility is home to fascinating sea creatures of all kinds. 
Texas State Aquarium
South Texas Botanical Gardens & Nature Center: Experience a variety of attractive garden creations such as roses, tropical flowers and 2,500 different orchids. 
South Texas Botanical Gardens & Nature Center
Art Museum of South Texas: Offering diverse exhibits featuring local and national artists and also a variety of classes, lectures and performances, the Art Museum of South Texas is a wonderful place to tour during a leisurely afternoon around downtown Corpus Christi.
Art Display
Corpus Christi Museum of Science & HistoryStep aboard an authentic reproduction of Columbus’ ship Pinta at the Corpus Christi Museum of Science & History. Tour the oldest shipwreck that was found nearby in the Gulf of Mexico and share the adventures of early explorers as you stroll among treasures from word-famous shipwrecks.
Dinosaur in Museum
U.S.S. Lexington: Travel back in time aboard the famous U.S.S. Lexington. Featuring a flight simulator and on-board movies at the 3D Mega Theatre and then, explore dark corridors and colossal compartments.
The USS Lexington in Corpus Christi Bay

Once you have explored all the great attractions, you must check out these awesome quilt shops located in this area! 

...and a few more here!

I designed a quilt block to represent the USS Lexington and you can download that here

(Note: I photoshopped the "16" in because I hope to either embroider or write it in the finished block)

I also snatched up another fun beach block pre-designed in EQ7 that you can also include if you like...

Download it here!

I havent had a chance to make these blocks yet, so if you find any issues, please let me know asap! Have a great weekend! 

Melissa Eubanks


  1. Oh man I might have to unpick my top and put one of these in!! They are awesome!

  2. How cute Melissa:) I love the little beach hut block:)

  3. These are so cute! I think this QAL is the neatest thing. I've never learned more about Texas. Haha.

  4. hi melissa, i rec'd my aurifil thread prize package yesterday. thanks so much for the roadtrip qal and the great giveaway. carolyn


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