Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bright Sky QAL with Blossom Heart Quilts

Have you heard? My favorite Aussie in Japan, Alyce of Blossom Heart Quilts (BHQ), is hosting a QAL from her super genius Bright Sky Quilt Pattern! I think this pattern is great for so many reasons...It's fast and easy, it showcases some great prints, and it's fat quarter friendly! 

Along with the QAL, Alyce is hosting a blog hop so you can see other bloggers' versions of the Bright Sky quilt! Alyce asked me if I would like to participate in the hop and of course I said, "YES!" It didn't take me but a second to decide on my fabrics either and I can't wait to slice into them this week! I'll keep that detail a secret for now. ;)

Want to know more? Be sure to visit Alyce's blog to get ALL the details and find out how to win some Art Gallery Fabric from Fat Quarter Shop this week! Here is a quick rundown of the schedule just to get an idea:

Every Monday, Alyce will post on her blog details about the QAL, then the following bloggers will also post their completed quilt top on that following Wednesday! 
  • Monday 29th September – Choosing Fabrics Tips at BHQ
  • Wednesday 8th October – Molli Sparkles
  • Wednesday 15th October – My Fabric Relish <--- That's me!! 
  • Wednesday 22nd October – Ms Midge
  • Monday 27th October – Pretty Bobbins free motion quilting guest post here at BHQ
  • Wednesday 29th October – A Stitch In Between (Bright Sky mini)
  • Monday 3rd November – Elven Garden Quilts free motion quilting guest post here at BHQ
  • Monday 10th November – Final link-up opens at BHQ for a week

Oh, and of course there's lots of prizes! Be sure to see all the goodies you have the chance to win!

Even if you don't have time to participate in the QAL, be sure to snatch up this pattern, which is on sale, in BHQ's Craftsy store. It's on sale for $6.95 (regularly $9.95)! If you decide to participate (and why wouldn't you?) you can share your progress on BHQ's Facebook group or #brightskyquilt on Instagram!

Now, head over to Blossom Heart Quilts and do a little pretend shopping at Fat Quarter Shop for a chance to win exactly 10 FQs (just what you need for the Bright Sky Quilt) of Art Gallery Fabrics!

Happy Monday!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sewing Room Reveal

I am just so excited to finally share this space with y'all! I have dreamed about this space for years! Back in January, when we started the building process, one of the must haves for me was a sewing room (and bigger laundry room). Since then, I have spent the last 9 months obsessing designing (6 months in my head) this room and of course this was one of the first spaces that was put together. I think I spent an entire day arranging and re-arranging the furniture until it was just right (at least for now..hehe).

This space is located just outside the play/game room loft upstairs. It's suppose to be the "media" room but we rarely watch movies (unless a princess is involved) so I knew it would make a great space for me. Since we came in early during the building process, we were able to add a large window, hardwood floors, and french doors. I think the builder thought I was nuts to do all this to a media room! I love that the doors look out into the play area and I can have them open or shut without feeling shut out (or in). I would totally show you more of the playroom, but that space is still a HUGE work in progress (and super messy)!

So this summer, I earned extra money by teaching a few weeks of summer sewing camps and used the money to get a few big ticket items from Ikea including these awesome HEMNES bookshelves. They were actually pretty fast to put together and I just love having all my fabrics in view. I like to keep my favorite collections behind the glass and then the drawers hold the larger backing cuts and interfacing bolts (bottom drawer is the perfect size for those interfacing bolts)!

Mr Relish was so sweet to get me a new smart tv so I can watch Netflix and Amazon and I dont have to worry about hooking up to the cable box. :) You can spot my vintage 327k machine/table that I refinished back in the Spring. I might not use her everyday, but I love having her out to admire! I even spray painted a cheap decorative one from Hobby Lobby to match (next to heart pillow on shelf)! I wanted it to be one of the first things people see when they go into the space and like I said, I just love looking at her!
On the other side of room, I have my desk for computer work, ironing station, and my quilts-in-waiting wall/rod.

It was really hard to decide how I wanted to display my quilts-in-waiting and think I found an awesome solution! I wanted to be able to hold small and large quilt tops, but also heavy quilts for taking pictures without putting holes in my walls or quilts. Do you know how hard it is to find white curtain rods? The ones at Target werent right (crystal ball ends) which looks adorable in the relishes' rooms (another post soon), but not what I was looking for in here. I finally found these at Walmart and then found the curtain ring/clips at Lowes. So, I originally planned on making the curtains with a different fabric, but I couldn't pass up an awesome sale and decided on some Anna Maria Horner. If I get bored, I can make them into backing for a quilt and get new ones. I just can't leave them up too long or else they will get too discolored from the sun. Oh, and the widely popular button rug from Ikea was a must! This rug is sooooo soft! I love scooting my feet across it when I walk on it, the girls love sitting on it when they play or color, and the dogs naps on it daily. Hmmm, maybe I should've bought two for when this one starts looking bad. This floor area is nice and big for basting quilts, I just roll the rug out of the way.  

 I found this desk at a local antique mall and it was already refinished, except I really wasn't in love with the drawer pulls and went whimsy with mis-match pulls from Hobby Lobby. I also got the cork board from HL. See a trend? I might need an intervention, but wait until after Christmas. hehe :)


The cabinet in the back houses my printer, Silhouette and all my paper crafting supplies. Then of course my sewing machines including my serger next to the Juki. I'm using my old Ikea kitchen table from my single, one-bedroom apt days as a sewing table and then spray paited the chairs all different colors to use around the room.

It's so amazing to finally have a design wall! My sweet teenage helper from summer helped me make it during naptime one day. It seriously was really fast and easy. Just foam insulation, batting and duck tape. I think the hardest part was the logistics of getting it home! Luckily, I tricked Mr. Relish into taking me to home depot for paint. HAHAHA! I put my Virtual Quilting Bee blocks up there first to force me to finally piece them - over a month ago. Oops.

Of course now sewing space is complete without the awesome teal cart from Ikea. I love this thing! On the top I keep all my sewing machine supplies for each machine (feet, needles, screwdriver), scissors, bobbins, and pins so when I move from one machine to the next I can just wheel the cart with me. I use the other baskets to hold various project waiting to get worked on. 

I also love love my new cutting table! It's also from Ikea and the perfect height for standing and cutting or I can sit on the bar stool and slowly cut while watching Netflix. I also love my large closet to keep all my other not as visually appealing supplies. Batting on the roll just doesnt do it for me, ;) I hope to use the wall with the singer and safety pin art (HL again. I know, I know.) to put up my mini quilts, I really never tried to make minis before because I didn't have a great place to put them but now I do! I made the colorwcolor wheel back in February and it really has been a great tool to have around the sewing room. I refer to it quite a bit and lets face it, it's way cuter than the ones from the paint section at HL. LOL!! 

I am super excited to share this last piece with you....

,,, this antique lingerie dresser. I found this at the same antique store I found the desk and admired it for over a year. I remember being pregnant with little relish and thinking it would be great for sewing supplies. When we were sure that I was going to get a sewing space, I went to see if it was still there and it was! I had to put it in storage for a few months but totally worth it! It has jewelery compartments on the top, perfect for my small tools and notions, and then lots of shallow drawers to hold my threads, smaller rulers, quilting, and embroidery supplies. 

The girls love prancing in front of this mirror. I think it's the perfect size and height for them. I actually had to clean it before the picture because of all the hand and kiss prints they left for me.

Well, thats it! So far, it's been such a joy to create in this space every day. I love not having to put all my things away at the end of the day and being able to see all my fabrics out. This space really lets me have several projects going at once without feeling overwhelmed. You know what I mean? If you have any questions, please leave a comment or shoot me an email! Have a great weekend!!


Oh, I wanted to share this with y'all, too: Here is the picture I shared Monday of big relish trying out the DSLR.

Well, when I went to download the sewing room pictures, I found this one and thought it was fun!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Texas, 241, and Geranium...oh my!

Well, it's been busy around here! We are still settling into the new house. I'm at a stand-still point where I am just not in the mood to decorate or work on the house so I have been sewing a lot! It's been nice.

I gave my dad his Texas quilt and he loved it! I even convinced him to even take a picture holding it up!


I also made a 241 tote by Noodlehead. It was a blast and will be teaching this QAYG class at Urban Spools this fall. Can't wait!!



Then, while I was hanging out on Bloglovin, I saw that TwoLittleBanshees made a Geranium dress and realized that I've owned the pattern for over 6 months and still hadn't made the dress. Well, I nipped that one in the bud...Thanks Kate! ;)



I made one for both of the relishes in Heather Ross' Far Far Away unicorns. I then decided that my beautiful Winged fabric need to be chopped up as well...


Terrible lighting but those butterflies are stunning and the background is a beautiful wine/purple shade!  I am tempted to buy some more yardage and make me something!

Lastly, I had to share my little photographer!



She did not just check the back of the camera! I die!!

Have a great week!


Monday, September 8, 2014

Born and Raised

Thank you so much for all the congrats on my quilts being in Quilty this month! I am so fortunate to have such awesome readers and quilty friends! I randomly chose a winner for the magazine and congrats to Vicki H.!

This week is my dad's birthday and some of you that have been reading my blog since last year might remember that he had major heart surgery last fall and was in the hospital for several weeks. I was able to hang out with him everyday while the girls were at school and really enjoyed it. I think he thought I was nuts with all my hand sewing but I think he got a kick out of seeing what I made.

My mom had mentioned right around Christmastime that she thought that my dad would like a quilt, but with all the craziness of my year, I wasn't able to get to it until now. I bought the fabric, Parson Grey World Tour, back in January. I originally thought I would just make a simple bricklay style quilt, but, then, after making my Texas quilt, I knew I should make my dad one, too!

Born and Raised

My dad was born and raised in Dallas and loves to spend all his time on a lake in East Texas. I decided to put a star block (download) for Dallas and then Cristina's awesome trailer block for the lake. Growing up, my family would spend at least one weekend a month at the lake camping and fishing and wanted to include that in the quilt so I added some fun trailer and fishing lure fabrics to mix in. 

Born and Raised

Born and Raised

I FMQ boxy loops to make it more masculine and really love the way it turned out. I love  FMQ on my Juki and it's been nice having it out all the time. Ive had my Juki for about 9 months now and couldn't be happier! It makes the best stitches and I never have any tension issues!

I also whipped up these two pillows for a new class I will be teaching at Urban Spools called, Speed Quilting. It will be an abbreviated quilting class where you learn all the basics of quiltmaking by making a HST pillow. Super fun!

HST Speed Quilting IMG_4575

HST Speed Quilting IMG_4559

I hope everyone has a great week and thanks so much for hanging out on my blog!


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Exciting News with a GIVEAWAY!

I have some super exciting news to share...
Yep, this happened! I'm in Quilty Magazine! Not once, but twice! Eek! I submitted two quilt designs around Christmastime last year (yes, it takes that long) and received my copy of the magazine in the mail last week! I actually picked up the mail from the post office in our old city and noticed the unusual package from an unknown sender. So at a stop light, I opened it up and let out a huge squeal! The girls started squealing, too, and then the light turned green and we were on the freeway for 20 minutes. That was the longest 20 minutes, ever! Please be sure to pick up a copy of the magazine next time you are at JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, or Barnes and Noble (just to name a few)! They should start hitting the newsstands any day now!

And to celebrate my first publication and the relishes back at school, I want to giveaway a copy of the magazine to one of my awesome readers! GIVEAWAY CLOSED!  All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what your favorite quilting magazine is (and no, it doesn't have to be Quilty;). For a second entry, like me on Instagram. Congrats to Vicki H.! I sent you an email :)

I've been sharing lots of my behind-the-scene pictures on IG lately and would love to have you visit me there as well. I treasure blogging and the connections I make through my stories and pictures with you guys, but sometimes the pictures of my everyday sewing life, like little relish sticking 20 sewing pins in my Juki, are worth an instant share. If you decide to follow me there or already do, leave me a comment for a second entry.
I'll pick a winner Friday!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Royal Indian Elephant Pillows - A Gift for a Gift

This summer, my wonderful mother-in-law traveled far and wide to India to visit my sister-in-law's family doing missionary work. It was their first trip to India and had quite the adventure! When my mom-in-law asked what I would like back from India, I'm sure we could all guess what I said....
Yup, Fabric!! Aren't those delicious and so vibrant? I am a bit hesitant to use these in quilts until I test the dyes for running, but thought a pillow was a safe choice.
Fast forward to a couple of days ago while checking out the blogosphere, I came across this adorable elephant pillow (Inspiration) by Joy at Yesterfood linked up over at FWFS's Fabric Frenzy Friday. I knew this was the perfect pattern to make using the fabrics and a great way to say thank you to my mother-in-law. I also knew I couldn't live without one, so ended up making one for myself, too! Turns out, this was a pattern that was in Stitch Magazine and you could download the template from their website.
For the quilting, I FMQed the spirals first, then did the organic/wavy lines working around them. I really enjoyed this FMQ pattern (inspired by Angela Walters) and it was super easy and fast!
The back is just an easy envelope closure back -- my favorite and go to -- and used another one of my India fabrics. :) This might be my favorite print out of all of them all! The bottom print from the stack (above) is right there along with it! I Oh, and thanks to my sis-in-law for taking my mother-in-law shopping and I'm sure helping pick out all these lovelies!
Doesn't it look perfect on my new-to-me chair! I got this adorable yellow chair at a thrift store for $10. It was actually white and in pretty desperate need of a fresh coat. I decided on this mustard yellow and so happy! How can it not make you happy? I want to spray paint everything in this yellow!!
You can find the template for the elephant here: Pattern Printout
Oh, and while I was checking out Stitch Magazine's website, I discovered tons of awesome (and free) content! Check it out!! Free eBooks
Thanks again, Joy, for the inspiration!! Hope you have a great weekend!
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