Friday, October 17, 2014

Kraft-Tex Wallet(s)

Happy Friday, Y'all! Earlier this week I showed you this new paper/fabric product from CT Publishing called Kraft-Tex and wanted to share more with you because I finally got to really play and sew with it this week!

I first read about his product over at Pretty by Hand, where Kristyne (also author of S is for Stitch) was sharing her latest publication as a contributor in Kraft-Tex Style. She made these adorable lined basket/boxes with this material that is paper but behaves like paper, fabric, and leather all at once.

I was skeptical at first but in my late night amazon browsing haze, I somehow talked myself into a BOLT of this stuff and added the book for good measure. When the bolt arrived I was again skeptical and started having buyers remorse. It was literally a bolt of super thick kraft paper. I have a really bad habit of shopping right before I fall asleep in bed and it's pretty much like online shopping while drunk -- everything seems like a super awesome idea. I'm special.

So, I sat down with the book and started checking out all the things you can make with this "paper" so I can justify my purchas just in case Mr. Relished noticed and thought, "hey, this stuff might actually be cool!" So I chopped off about two yards and threw it in the washer with hot water and no soap and waited. When I opened the washer it was still all together and was no longer stiff and felt like wet leather. No, I am serious! I wanted to see if washing it twice would make it even more softer and so I did. It actually came out about the same so I learned one quick wash in hot water was enough, I threw it in the dryer and it dried right up. The only thing I didn't like when it came out of the drier was how wrinkly it was. I decided to throw it in the wash one more time and then let it lay flat to dry. Once dry, it was back to being a little stiff but it looked totally different had had a leathery look to it. Hmmm...

Wednesday night, I had an itch to sew something quick and I was needing a new wallet to replace my busted one and thought I would give the wallet pattern in the book a try. It looked fast and easy and only took a little bit of fabric. I made one with a little bit of cotton + steel and fell in love with my new wallet. I then made two more because it was so easy and fast! I figured these would make great gifts!


I even tried out the cute key-fob idea also found in the book. :) Kraft-tex also comes in white and black ( I don't know why they don't have the black in the smaller roll). I bet black would look pretty awesome as a wallet, too!
I have a few tips for working with Kraft-Tex:
  • Wash a couple of yards to have on hand. Wash with HOT water and lay flat to dry. Dont be afraid to iron with lots of steam. I was short one small piece that needed to look worn, and just steamed the heck out of it and then man-handled it a bit.
  • Don't wash before if you plan to write or print on it. It gets quite bumpy once washed.
  • Once you sew with it, the holes are permanent. If you need to seam rip and sew again in the same spot, just take it slow and make sure the needle goes down in the original hole. Also, make note of your stitch length so it's easier to replicate.

I can officially say I am ADDICTED to this stuff! I showed you where I used it as a quilt label and recently ran it through my printer to make small label tags. I also doodled on a piece and threw it in the wash to see if it would run or come off. I'll let you know how well this material actually holds up but I'm excited about all the possibilities!

Transparency Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate and I will receive compensation if you use the links I provide to purchase. However, I only blog and share things that I truly love and use! In addition, I have added a new Amazon widget on my sidebar that has all my favorites. These are items that I use and recommend. As some of you already know, I am a huge Amazon fan and buy almost all of my sewing and quilting supplies through them and any compensation I receive basically goes right back into my sewing and blogging. So, if you do use my links, I appreciate your support immensely!

Hope you have a great weekend!





  1. What an awesome wallet! I've never heard of this stuff and I interested to see how it holds up.

  2. I love the wallet!
    Kraft-tex sounds interesting. Very versatile.

  3. I've never seen this stuff...looks really interesting! I wonder if I can get my LQS to sell it??!

  4. What odd fun stuff :) Is it a bit like tyvek?

  5. sounds pretty amazing and like the look of it when washed but I have to unpick quite often so think I will pas it by

  6. fascinating stuff! Love your wallets especially :-)

  7. Wow! I've never even heard of it...and if I had seen it, I probably would've walked by and not given it a second chance. Seeing what you made and all the testing you did, makes me want to get some for sure!! Love your wallets and thx for the tips on your cool find!!

  8. Those wallets are so cute... I wonder if I can work up the bravery to try making one.

  9. Thanks for giving it a try! I fell in love with Kraft-tex when putting the book together and just used some on my daughter's Halloween costume. I'm hoping to share pics next week on the C&T blog. The black does come in the smaller roll. We must have been out for a short time.

  10. Never heard of it before but it certainly looks interesting. I wonder what products it's made from?

  11. Am so happy to learn you need to WASH this stuff - that will be great! Is the wallet you made from the book, please?

  12. We’ve started a Facebook group to discuss our various experiments with Kraft Tex, you should drop by!

  13. Love this product! I print labels to sew on my handmade bags. Have also used it for luggage tags. Haven't made a wallet yet but it is in the plans.

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