The Perfect Squirrelly Oven Mitt - A Tutorial

Fall is in the air! FINALLY! Here, in Texas, the true marks of fall are lows in the 60s and the State Fair of Texas opens. I enjoy both of these things immensely! You also know it's fall because you have a hankering to bake lots of goodies, especially things with pumpkin. Lots of pumpkin! I love baking pumpkin bread and pecan pies during fall holidays and for anyone that bakes, you know having a good set of oven mitts is crucial! I have a pair that I received when I went off to college and they have always been my favorite, first ones I reach for, pair. Last Christmas, I finally got around to making a pattern from my beloved mitts and so excited to share it with you today!

I originally shared these over at Benartex's blog Sew in Love {with Fabric), and wanted to add this content to my blog for future reference.  The fabrics I chose are from Daily Zen and Burlap by Benartex. Both these lines have beautiful saturated tones, prints with leaves and quills that just screams FALL, but still keeping it modern. I just had to applique my favorite woodland creature, a squirrel friend with his nut on them, too!

Before we get started, I am providing a convenient printable pattern with instructions and templates for you to print out. You can download them here! (11/6/14 Edit: I found an error in the original download so if you have already downloaded it, please download the corrected version)! Enjoy!

Fabric Requirements:

  • 3 FQs - Front/Back Panels and pockets 
  • Scraps for appliques
  • Binding - 3/8 yard (cut on bias for total of 80") 
  • Insul Bright by Warm and Natural - 3/4 yard 


  • Outside Panels - Cut (2) 7 x 20
  • Pockets - Cut (2) 6 1/2 x 13 " 
  • Binding - 2 1/2" x 41" bias binding PER mitt
  • Insul Bright - cut (2) 14 x 20 


  • Make Front/Back Panel Quilt Sandwich - Take the two outside panels and make a quilt sandwich with two layers of Insul Bright in the center. I like to use two layers of Insul Bright because for me one layer isn't enough. You could also use one layer of Insul Bright and then one or two layers of batting.  Be sure right sides are facing out. I recommend spray basting lightly or basting with large basting pins. Quilt as desired.If you would like to make more than one set, then make a quilt sandwich using the uncut FQs. Sorry I don't have pictures of steps 1,2, and 4. I accidently deleted them had some technical difficulties. Next, take your quilted sandwich and cut two rectangles measuring 6 1/2" x 9". 
  • Take the two pocket panels and fold in half, creating two, 6 1/2" squares. If you wish, you can add batting to the middle and also quilt. 
  • If you wish to add applique to your mitts, you will do that now. See How to Applique in 5 Steps (below). I like to applique after quilting, but feel free to do this before step 1.

  •  Place the pocket on the bottom half of the mitt with raw edges lined with the raw edges and the fold in the center of the mitt.
  • Mark each corner with template provided (page 3) and trim all four corners on both mitts including the pockets.

  • Apply the bias binding taking care around the curve edges. Optional - Add a tab using extra bias tape by folding the raw sides in, press, and stitch down open side. Attach before stitching the back of the binding down. Hint: After applying the binding to the front, trim the raw side of the mitt creating a narrow binding on the front and then stitched the binding down from the back.

How to raw-edge applique:
  • Trace the applique pattern on the paper (not waxy) side of the freezer paper.

  • Fuse woven interfacing (I like to use SF 1O1) to the wrong size of fabric you wish to applique.

  • Press the freezer paper onto right side of fabric that you wish to applique. Cut around the outline of the traced image.

  • Applique to project as desired. I like to use a washable glue stick to keep my applique pieces tacked down. Stitch your applique as desired.I like to use a straight stitch, zig-zag, or blanket stitches.


They might be really stiff at first, but become more pliable once you start using them. 

In case you were curious about my beloved oven mitts, I took a picture of them for ya! 

(see, they are pretty gross and kind of smell like stale food)

Thanks so much for checking out my oven mitts and I sure hope you give them a try! Happy Fall!



  1. these are far too nice to use in the oven!! They would have to be on show in my house

  2. Great DIY Gift idea! :) I like your blog!

  3. So darling ~ thanks for the tutorial and patterns! It's on SewCanShe today!

  4. There is a problem with the download. All I get is a site to download One Drive onto your phone.

  5. I'd love to make them but I get the same problem as Gail has. The download leads us to One Drive site. What's wrong?

  6. Gail, if you go in through the first Download here in the beginning you will be able to see the patterns and instructions. Hope this helps.

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