Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Happy Birthday, Little Relish!

I can't believe my littlest relish is turning 3! She is the most spunky and lovable child I know and what better way to celebrate...a spunky and lovable quilt!

Harper's Happy BDAY Hand-dyed HSTs

Harper's Happy BDAY Hand-dyed HSTs

You might remember me blogging about my adventures in hand dying fabric at QuiltBliss and then at home. I made a lot! After I made my Celestial quilt (it's almost finished, just needs binding) I still had so much fabric left. I knew the only way I wouldn't feel guilty about dying more was if I used up as much of what I already had.


So I busted out my Accuquilt (AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter Starter Set
affiliate link) and cut a bunch of 6" HSTs (AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutting Dies; Triangle 6-1/2 inch; Quilt Block C - affiliate link again) and just started piecing them together randomly. So randomly, that I even asked big relish to get in on the fun and just hand me any two pieces, as long as they were two different colors or shades. And so she did. I think it just took me an afternoon to get the HSTs together and since I used my Accuquilt, no need to trim! YES! Then another quick afternoon making rows and then a top.


I wasn't planning on actually getting to quilting the top so quickly, but when I stopped by Urban Spools last weekend for their 2 year anniversary, there was this Alexander Henry fabric just sitting there with H's name all over it!

How could I not and the colors were spot on...BECAUSE IT HAD EVERY COLOR! {Don't worry, two color catchers went in the wash with this one ;}



I asked H what quilting design she liked the most and she picked the raindrops. Score for me because it was actually a free download on Urban Elementz. She's got a good eye!


For Mother's day I requested to just sew all day and be fed and that's what I got! It was my pleasure spending that day quilting/finishing H's birthday quilt. While it would have been ideal to wait till her birthday, I just couldn't pass up giving it to he early to keep her safe and warm while she slept. After all, she had a menagerie of animals to keep her company. The tortoise is my favorite!

Harper's Happy BDAY Hand-dyed HSTs

Harper's Happy BDAY Hand-dyed HSTs

Harper's Happy BDAY Hand-dyed HSTs




Sunday, May 17, 2015

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Large

Back again! For my second entry into Amy's Creative Side's Blogger's Quilt Festival, I want to enter my Feathers quilt into the Large category. Y'all, I love this, loooooooove this quilt! It was a blast to make and I'm excited I get to shamelessly share it again. You can read about it's original blog debut here.

Feathers Quilt

eIMG_5290 crop

Feathers Quilt

The pattern is called Feathers by Alison Glass, measures 55" x 66", and fabrics are Alison Glass' Handcrafted.

If you would like to nominate my quilt for viewers choice, you can do that here. Just simply leave a comment nominating me or any of your other favorites.

Have a great week and I do have a finish to share this week, so stay tuned!


Blogger's Quilt Festival - Mini

It's time again for Amy's Blogger's Quilt Festival! I think it's so awesome that Amy does this not only once, but twice a year! This is a great way to once again shamelessly share our quilty pride and joys!

First up is my mini that I created for Fort Worth Fabric Studios Mini Mania blog hop this spring....

Wind Sail Mini

This was so much fun to make! The four blocks are paper pieced and then traditionally pieced together into the mini. I used Bonnie and Camille's Daysail fabric for Moda.

Wind Sail Mini

If you would like to nominate my mini for viewers choice, you can do so here! I would love you forever if you did!

Thanks so much for visiting and if you are new here, thanks so much for simply clicking on the little thumbnail picture of my mini!


{Link to download this free pattern can be found on my Quilt Patterns and Tutorials toolbar at the top of my page}

Monday, May 11, 2015

Positive Trio Pattern

I am super excited to finally share something that I have been working on the last six months....

My first quilt pattern!

This pattern is more a little booklet with three different patterns in four different sizes all based on the variation of the plus block. I am really excited about this pattern because I did everything from the designing/making the quilts, taking the pictures, and creating the graphics and designs for the pattern. It's all me and I learned so much!

Positive Trio Quilt Pattern
{What Goes Around using Etno by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery Fabrics}

Positive Trio Quilt Pattern
{Prairie Willow using Priory Square by Katy Jones for Art Gallery}

Positive Trio Quilt Pattern
{Flying Happy using Mochi by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Cotton+Steel}

I really want this pattern to be more than a quilt pattern and hope you to feel like you are getting a lot for what you pay for. More bang for your buck, so to speak. I have listed the pattern on Craftsy for $7.95 and you can purchase it here! Or for my lovely EU peeps, you can download it on Etsy! If you would prefer a paper copy, I am in the process of navigating those waters so I let you know when that happens!

Lastly, I would really like to say thank you to my readers. You are awesome!


Friday, May 8, 2015

Clam Sham Pillow

Hey Guys! It's been a bit since I've been on here but wanted to formally share my new little pillow....

I've been sewing a bit of clamshells lately thanks to my Accuquilt. I would not want to have to cut these. I use my 4" die and even though the cutting is a breeze, I wish I could say the piecing was a cinch. It's not. It's tricky and a bit frustrating at first. There are much larger clam shell patterns out there that probably sew together nicely but these bitty 4" ones take patience, pins, and a good show on the TV. With that said, once you get your rhythm going, they go together smoothly. Promise!
I was totally going to hand quilt these while on vacation, but guess what, I didn't. Shocker. In my defense, it was windy (cruise) and I was reading a really good book. So I machine quilted it this week with a coral thread and while quilting it up I texted Urban Spools to make me a FQ bundle of Gardenvale because this fabric is just so perfect! I want more!!!
I'll be teaching this class on June 27th at Urban Spools if you are local and want to keep your sanity (at least because you are in public) while doing these little buggers. Trust me, they are totally rewarding and get easier once you do a few.
Hope you have a great Mother's Day weekend!


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