Clam Sham Pillow

Hey Guys! It's been a bit since I've been on here but wanted to formally share my new little pillow....

I've been sewing a bit of clamshells lately thanks to my Accuquilt. I would not want to have to cut these. I use my 4" die and even though the cutting is a breeze, I wish I could say the piecing was a cinch. It's not. It's tricky and a bit frustrating at first. There are much larger clam shell patterns out there that probably sew together nicely but these bitty 4" ones take patience, pins, and a good show on the TV. With that said, once you get your rhythm going, they go together smoothly. Promise!
I was totally going to hand quilt these while on vacation, but guess what, I didn't. Shocker. In my defense, it was windy (cruise) and I was reading a really good book. So I machine quilted it this week with a coral thread and while quilting it up I texted Urban Spools to make me a FQ bundle of Gardenvale because this fabric is just so perfect! I want more!!!
I'll be teaching this class on June 27th at Urban Spools if you are local and want to keep your sanity (at least because you are in public) while doing these little buggers. Trust me, they are totally rewarding and get easier once you do a few.
Hope you have a great Mother's Day weekend!



  1. How lovely is that cover!what talent you have dear friend. GORGEOUS COLOR

    What is Pillow Sham


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