Sunday, May 26, 2013

it's a birthday party...

Well, baby relish turned 1 (whelp). She also started walking last week, just in time for her birthday (double whelp). I will miss my sweet baby but I am super excited to have another toddler in the house! For her first birthday, we decided to have a library theme party and suggested everyone to bring a book instead of a toy.

I made the invites look like old library checkout cards and did the print and cut feature on my Silhouette. I added a little pocket size picture to each invite, because who doesnt like a picture with an invite?

I also made all of the decorations using my Silhouette. I found some book images off the internet and just loaded them onto my Silhouette software and cut around them. I also did this for the cupcake toppers. I decided on simple vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting. We did cater the food from chick-fil-a, because what kid (or adult) doesn't like chick-fil-a?

We got baby relish a new book case to replace her changing table in her room. We put it at the entrance to display her pictures, her birthday book, party hats, and favors. All the picture frames are from Hobby Lobby.

For the party favor, I bought some books off the scholastic flyer from little relish's preschool. They were $1 each. I then made up some "book worm" candy bags and attached using some washi tape. I also made a little bookmark and a personalized "This book belongs to" label for the inside. I designed and purchased baby relish's baby book from Shutterfly (top left). This is an adorable story about woodland creatures welcoming a new baby. All I had to do was change the name and add pictures of Harper then added a few extra pages at the end to put additional pictures. I had everyone sign her book that came to the party. I usually order two copies, one for me to keep safe and then one for the girls to have. That way if it gets a little "well used" -- that's okay with me! Little relish loves looking at her birthday books so I hope Harper does, too.

For the activity, we did a circle/story time and I read them a few books, including the one they were going to take home and then we sang a few songs. Harper wasn't too thrilled with wearing a hat (or bow) so I quickly snapped this picture then took it off. Other than her little cold, she had a great first birthday.

Thanks to everyone that came to celebrate!


Sunday, May 19, 2013

virtual quilting bee

Welcome to my virtual quilting bee headquarters...this is where I will post all my blocks for the bee.

To find out more about this bee, check out blog Diary of a Quilter by Amy Smart here or click the button below. There will be a new block designed by someone different every two weeks and at the end of the 8 months, we will have a total of 16 blocks. Under each picture will be the link to the tutorial for that block. I am doing my blocks in Gypsy Girl by Lily Ashbury for Moda. I love the bright colors!

Block #16
Virtual Quilting Bee
Block #16 by Cindy of Live a Colorful Life

Block #15
Virtual Quilting Bee
Block #15 by Lynn at Lily's Quilts

Block #14
Virtual Quilting Bee 14
Block #14 by Emily of Crazy Old Ladies

Block #13
Virtual Quilting Bee
Block #13 by Brooke of Pitter Putter Stitch

Block #12
Virtual Quilting Bee
Block #12 by Katie from Swim, Bike, Quilt

Block #11
Block #11
Block #11 tutorial by Amy from Amy's Creative Side.

Block #10

Block #10 Tutorial by Leigh of Leedle Deedle Quilts.

Block #9

Block #9 Tutorial by Colleen Molen of the Busy Bean.

Block #8 - half way there!

Block #8 tutorial by Judi Madsen of Green Fairy Quilts

Block #7

Block #7 Tutorial by Jennifer Mathis of Ellison Lane Quilts

Block #6

Block Tutorial #6 by Amanda Woodruff of Crafty Fox

Block #5

Block Tutorial #5 by Calli Taylor of Make It Do

Block #4

Block # 4 by Melissa Corry of Happy Quilting

Block #3

Block #3 by April Rosenthal of Prairie Grass Patterns

Block #2

Block Tutorial #2 by Amy Newbold of Sukie Don't Ya Know

Block #1

Block Tutorial #1 by Sherri at A Quilting Life

Virtual Quilting Bee

There is also a flickr group to share your block pictures as you go....check it out here.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

glamping half-hexie quilt tutorial

I am finally posting about my half-hexie quilt, well, because I actually finally finished my half-hexie quilt! I don't know what my deal was and why I took so long. I love it, but I just couldn't motivate myself to actually quilt it. I cut, pieced, and basted the quilt in just a few days...AND then it just sat there, and sat there, just staring at me. Then it started to get in the way while I worked on other projects. So finally I decided I was just going to quilt for about an hour. One hour turned into 2. Then 2 more hours the next night. Then guess what? I spent 2 more hours attaching the binding the next day (machine bind of course) and then it was finished! I then thought, what the heck was I waiting for?!? This quilt is awesome! Mr Relish's first question was, "Are you giving that one away or keeping it?" My response, "Ummmm, I'm keeping it!" Unless I start the quilt knowing it already belongs to someone else, I doubt it will ever leave my house. HAHA!

I decided to make this a quilt tutorial, too, just because why not? I used Lori Holt's half hexie templates, but have also drafted my own printable version for your use (link below fabric requirements). I recommend using the actual acrylic ones just because they are more accurate, but I also understand that spending $20 on a template might not be in the quilting budget. For the main fabric, I used the Glamping by Mary Jane for Moda. I am in love with these colors right now. They make me swoon every time I see them.

Fabric Requirements:
10 inch layer cake by Moda (or 42-10 inch fabric squares)
Border 1 - Need 1/2 yard of fabric (I used flax seed linen by Robert Kaufman). Cut 5 - 3.5 inch x wof strips**.
Border 2* - Need 1 1/2 yards of fabric. Cut 3-8.5 inch x wof strips** (side pieces) and 3-6.5 inch x wof strips** (top and bottom pieces)
Binding* - 1/2 yard for both "regular" and bias binding using 2.5 inch binding
Backing* - 4 yards with 2 inch overage included

*I used fabrics I found at Hobby Lobby for Border 2, binding and back. I like to get these fabrics at Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's (especially the back) to save money and use coupons.
** Assuming the fabric is 43-44 inches wide (wof = width of fabric)

Half-Hexie Template - Download - do NOT print to size- use the 1 inch test square to make sure you are not printing too big or too small -

So here we go...

1. Cut all the half-hexagon pieces. Fold your layer cake in half and line up long end with the raw sides. Cut along the other three sides. Do this for all the pieces. You will have 84 half-hexies.

2. Arrange all the pieces on the floor or table and get them in the arrangement you would like. Take a picture. Then sew from there or pick them up in an organized fashion (I suck at this part hence the picture...haha). I did this during nap time so I just left them there and sewed away.

Start sewing. Start by making your vertical rows (or columns is the correct term I guess) first. Once you made all your columns, then piece all the columns together.

3. Once you have your large hexie square, square up by trimming the top and bottom. I forgot to take a picture of this part.

*If you notice the hexie middle is not square, but a rectangle, with the longer sides on the top and bottom. In order to make the quilt square, the second border will need to be wider on the top and bottom than on the sides. This will make the quilt a square when completed. Keep that in mind. Carry on.

4. Add your first border.

5. Add your second border. Add the wider strips to the tops and bottoms first, then add the skinnier strips to the sides. You now have a square quilt (66 x 66 inches).

6. Baste and quilt as you like, then add your binding.

I literally got one good picture before the mini relishes came in and took over. I love how the moment big relish sees a quilt her first instinct is to start snuggling it.

--Quilted double horizontal lines around the hexagons then stitched in the ditch on the vertical lines. I then did a meandering stitch along the large outside border--

Finished size - 66 inches x 66 inches (pre-washing)

Please let me know if I am missing anything.



Monday, May 13, 2013

upcycle dresses

So, while on the cruise a few weeks ago, I picked up some cute t-shirts for the girls. They only had big sizes left and I decided that I would make them into dresses. I used this pattern from Functional Threads on Etsy...ARRG!

She does a lot a variations of the dress. You can make flutter sleeves or put a hood on it. She is having a re-release on May 17th with slimmer options and some other changes :)

I also altered little relish's school t-shirt into this dress using this pattern. The sizes they offered were way too big. I did the three tier twirl skirt option on this one using the remaining t-shirt fabric for the middle tier. She wore it to school today and just LOVED how she could twirl around in it. This would be a great pattern for upcycling one of your old college t-shirts. :)

Also, if you have a t-shirt that is just the right size but want to make it a dress, try out this pattern...Tessa by Create Kids Couture.
This pattern has many options too and you can make a t-shirt from scratch if you were feeling brave.
Here I used some Dr. Seuss shirts I found on the clearance rack at Target. They were $5 each and just simply added the ruffle twirl to the bottom...
I thought these would be perfect for baby relish's first birthday party, which is a book/library theme :)

I got most of the knits you see here from Hobby Lobby. I recently went to JoAnn's and found some cute knits in the clearance section as well.

Tips for upcycling t-shirts into dresses:
1. Try to get a large size so you can use the extra fabric to make sleeves or skirt layer.
2. Check out my tutorial on how to put on a knit collar here. It's for the toddler bib but translates to any type of ribbed knit collar or arm band.
3. Look at local thrift shops or resale shops and in the men's and women's departments, not just kids. You can use the extra fabric to make the skirts or arms.
4. Serger is helpful, but not necessary. Make sure you use a jersey/ball point needle. Also, check out this tutorial from Pretty Prudent (formally Prudent Baby)...Sewing with Knits 101.


Friday, May 10, 2013

teachers rock!

This past was teacher appreciation week and just wanted to share what I whipped up last week for Little Relish's preschool teacher...

I did all the labels with my silhouette using the print and cut feature. I found most of the quotes from ideas I pinned on pinterest.

If you haven't played around with the print and cut feature on your silhouette, then I highly recommend doing it! It will change how you use your silhouette forever! Here is a quick tutorial I found on the silhouette blog...Tutorial: Print and Cut.

On another note, sorry for being a bit MIA the last few weeks. Since getting back from the cruise, I've been busy working on baby relish's birthday party. She turns 1 in a few weeks...whaaaaaaaaaa! I have finished all the decorations and the invitations have been sent. We are doing a library theme and super excited! Promise to post pictures of the party and decorations!

We also got a new bird, Sunny! Cookie Bird was needing a friend since we can't handle her as much as we would like with the little hands and the furry mouths around. She is just a baby and not sure if she will be a "she" in a few months but they are happy together!

I've also been doing some t-shirt up cycle dresses using this pattern from Functional Threads on Etsy...

This pattern is great for taking a t-shirt that is too big or small and making it a dress.

If you have a t-shirt that is just the right size but want to make it a dress, try out this pattern...Tessa by Create Kids Couture.
I will post pictures of all the finished up cycles next week!

If you are loving these upcycle dresses like I am and want one NOW, you can find ones already made on etsy or check out this great facebook page of Gnu Creations. She uses the proceeds to help pay adoption cost...Rockstar! She is a friend of my sis-in-law's and her creations are adorable...I have four!!

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