Tuesday, January 21, 2014

QuiltBLISS, packing and a pouch...

So sorry it's been quiet here, but I promise things should get back to half normal after the end of the month. We officially list the house on the 31st and it just so happens that I'll be in Utah at QuiltBLISS....eeeekkkk! So sorry to Mr. Relish for abandoning him to take care of the lil relishes during this time.

With that said, I need to decide what projects I want to work on while at QuiltBLISS. I need to get a charity quilt made by April and then a quilt for my dad as well. Luckily I have all those fabrics in my stash. I'm renting a sewing machine there but besides that, I need to figure out what I want to bring. Anyone want to share their quilt retreat packing list? Lol

I do have a small little finish from several weeks ago...

(If you've seen the movie then you might appreciate the gentleman under the sleigh...hehe).

I made big relish a Frozen pouch to put all her new Frozen figurines in. She picked out the fabric at JoAnns and I made it during her nap. She was just thrilled once it was finished. I used Annie's Soft and Sable and Noodlehead's wide open pouch (large size). I made her a pillow case using this pattern with the rest of the fabric.

I do have a few other finishes that I completed before chaos ensued and hope to get those photographed and shared next week or when I get back.

Confession: I listen to the Frozen soundtrack almost daily. Alone. Ok, now I feel better getting that one off my chest.
Lastly, I want to apologize for not replying or thanking everyone for their comments. I read every single one of them, but just not able to reply to them all as fast as I usually do. So with that said, I might not be commenting or participating as much in everyone's blogs, but I'm still doing my best to read and follow along. I'm here, just quiet! Thanks so much and wish us luck (especially Mr.Relish next weekend)!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Exciting news!

Back in November, Yvette Streeter, Editor of Handmade magazine, emailed me asking if she could put a little feature of my Half-Hexie Glamping quilt and I said absolutely (duh!). Well, the magazine is finally out in the UK (released here at the end of the month) and got my copy in the mail Monday. When I saw the page my quilt is on, I was excited to see Kelly from My Quilt Infactuation's chevron quilt next to it (I emailed her immediately...haha). Soooooo, if you are in the UK, please grab yourself a copy...I know you will be delighted! If you see it here in the US, let me know, because I have yet to find a newsstand/store that carries it, but only checked Barnes and Noble and JoAnns.

And some more exciting news....we found a new house! It's actually a new build, so we have a little more time to sell. I am trying to get the house decluttered and ready to go on the market by the end of the month. Man, this is just as bad as packing everything! I am feeling good about donating all of our junk, though.
With all that said, it might be a tad bit quiet here. I think once the hustle of getting the house ready is over I should have a bit of down time to sew and share. Wish me luck!!


Monday, January 13, 2014

Blogirthday Celebration Winner!

Patti is our winner; however, she is a no-reply blogger so I can't contact her via email. Hopefully you see this Patti and send me an email [ myfabricrelish at gmail dot com]! You can pick one yard of fabric from Pink Castle Fabrics. Please email me your selection and address so I can get it ordered this week.

If I don't hear back from Patti within the next couple of days, I will draw another winner.

And thanks so much for everyone that participated and wished my blog a happy birthday/anniversary! I tried to reply to everyone but started to get confused with which emails I replied back to. So, if I missed you, I AM SOOOOOO SORRY! I usually reply via comment so I can keep track and did it by email since it was a giveaway.

Thanks again!


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy Birthday, my fabric relish!

So guess what day it is (or tomorrow for those night owls)? It's my blog's first birthday! Yay! It has been an amazing first year and want to share what got my blog for it's first birthday...

my new bff

Yep, that's a Juki! TL 2010 to be exact. And she is my new bff! She sews like a dream and fast as all get out! I had been saving for this machine for a few months and asked for only Amazon gift cards for Christmas to go towards it. Mr. Relish wanted me to wait until we move (we hope to move this spring and another story for another day!) and while that would make sense to most, it made absolutely no sense to me! So the day after Christmas when I was still debating which machine I wanted (it was between this Bother, this Juki and then the Juki I chose) and tallying my Amazon gift cards, Mr. Relish told me to just go ahead and get it. And so I did! Isn't he fantastic!

Unfortunately, there isn't room in my 1/2 room sewing space for her now, but she is happy on the formal dinning room table, which is only used twice a year for Thanksgiving dinner and then to wrap Christmas gifts. At least for right now, I think this is a great space since I will mostly use her to quilt and would need clear space anyway.

my new bff

As I briefly mentioned above, we do plan on putting our house on the market soon and knew I couldn't just have her out in all her glory, so I made her a pretty new dress. I really had made the panel as a 24 x 24 plus block pillow but decided it would look better as a cover and cut off several inches on the bottom then used that as the pocket for the other side.

my new bff

I basically just used the cover that came with the machine to make the new cover and added a 1/2 inch seam allowance. So in a nutshell, it is two 15 1/4 x 19 1/4 panels with rounded corners at the top and then one long 10 x 47 1/4 inch panel. I lined them with cotton batting and muslin on the inside. I serged the inside as well to keep it from fraying.

my new bff

I hand drew the embroidery design on the cover and stitched with perle cotton. It was my first time using perle and really enjoyed not having to separate the threads! I scanned my embroidery design in case anyone would like to use it and not comfortable with drawing it. You can download it here.

my new bff

I added the binding just as I do to my quilts. I used Anna Maria Horner's True Colors with some Road 15 text print mixed in and then of course some Black Essex Linen!

I found this cute little decoupage suit case a hobby lobby to house all the tools and feet that go with the machine. I also found a black little box to use a my little trash/thread catcher (see a few pictures above). Potential buyers won't be the wiser!

my new bff

So now to my blog's birthday celebration for you guys...

GIVEAWAY CLOSED -- I want to give one of my awesome followers a chance to win a 1 yard of fabric of their choice from one of my favorite fabric shops, Pink Castle Fabrics. I don't have any sponsors so this is all on me! If you want to do one full yard or two half yards, that is totally your call. Only thing I ask is no Kokka and only US addresses because of shipping cost. Even if you are not a US resident, please enter because you can always gift it to a fellow quilting friend in the US. :)

To enter, please leave me a comment, any comment! You don't have to be a follower, but it is greatly appreciated! I'll close the giveaway on Sunday 11:59 pm Central.--GIVEAWAY CLOSED

Thanks again to everyone that has cheered me on this year! xoxo


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Super Tote!

Have you experienced the Super Tote by Noodlehead yet? I am in love with this pattern! It's huge and functional! I made mine over the Christmas break and so mad that I didn't try it out sooner. Guess I was still in love with my Market Tote.
I decided to use a fabric I thought my girls would get a kick out of but still fun and grown-up for me. It's Elephant Circus by Kokka in the pink colorway. I originally bought it to use in a baby quilt for a friend but decided on a different elephant fabric (more of that next week). The alphabet print came from my Japanese bundle that I received a few months ago from Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts. Oh, and of course my staple linen, black essex!
I think the hardest part was figuring out what interfacing I wanted to use where. Seriously! Even though I have a bit of experience with interfacing, I still always struggle with when and where for each bag I make. I am happy with what I decided and will share with you below.
I used Annie's Soft and Sable for the front and back panels and fusible fleece for the side panels. I wanted the bag to somewhat stand up on its own but not so stiff it looked like a box. I figured the fusible fleece would let the bag collapse just enough and the Soft and Sable panels would allow it to still look like a bag and not pile of Japanese fabrics on the floor. That was truly my whole thought process while deciding on the interfacing..lol. I also used SF101 like the pattern suggest for all the inside linings.
I went with a magnetic closure because I actually never zip up my purse. I am in and out of it so much, that it would likely just get in the way. I figured the magnetic claps has the chance to get closed even if it's inadvertently...haha. Oh, and did you notice my handy dandy sling? A purse to most moms is useless when they have to hold hands with one child and hold the other child UNLESS it has a sling strap. It's a must have for any bag I use.
It was fairly simple to add during the construction. I just took two, three inch strips of pink webbing and added the hardware. Folded in half and basted it in place before I attached the lining. I had a spare strap from an old bag that I used instead of making one; although, making one would have been pretty easy. I know my JoAnns has lots of different types of webbing including the pink one that I attached to the bag. I just wish they sold more hardware!
One thing I took extra care in was ensuring the two pleats on the side stayed together. I lowered my stitch length to 1.0 about one inch before the end and tightened the tension a bit as well. I went over it about five times like that. I think it should hold...haha! I also used an 18 jean needle and black jean thread for the top stitching around the top to make sure I got through all those layers, especially the webbing, without skipping or breaking the thread.
I for sure plan on making this bag for sure and very happy with the interfacing I used. Next time, I might make the panels quilted to add more texture.
Hope you are having a great start to the week! Planning on liking up with all my favorite link parties to the right, TGIFF, and Crazy Mom Quilts! Oh, and I might have something exciting happening here on Friday!!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Bloglovin is sleeping on the couch tonight!

Just wanted to let any of my bloglovin readers know that the bloglovin app isn't working on iPhone or iPad devices (you can read more here). They said it might take 2 days for an updated app to get published. BOO! In the meantime, you can just use your internet browser on your apple device and go to bloglovin.com.

Hope that helps and Happy Monday!



Thursday, January 2, 2014

Nordika x+ finished!

Several months ago, I saw a x + quilt created out of Jeni Baker's Nordika collection and immediately decided that I must make the same block with the same fabrics. I had a fat quarter bundle hanging around for a few months and when inspiration hits, I must indulge!

Nordika in Low-Res

So I promptly started cutting and shared a tid-bit here. I actually finished several weeks ago but the holidays and a mini blogging vacation kept me from sharing.

Nordika in Low-Res

Since I can't claim this as my original idea, I won't write much about it, BUT, if you haven't created an x + block or quilt you MUST! There are a couple of tutorials out there but I made mine using this larger block 12.5" tutorial or you could go smaller and use this block tutorial by Badskirt. There is even a flickr group for additional inspiration.

Nordika in Low-Res

Finished size is 60 x 60 inches and quilted curvy lines on HQ Sweet 16. I decided to keep the quilting less dense to give it a nice drape instead of lots of crinkles.

Nordika in Low-Res

I used a spot on grey pin dots by Robert Kaufman and then I couldn't decide on a binding fabric from my stash so went with the same. I then added one of my new labels to the back. I was asked how these wash up and this pic is after I washed the quilt. :) If you want to know more, then read the end of this blog post.

Labels post wash

Nordika in Low-Res

Happy 2014!


Oh, I almost forgot...

Big relish helped me out during the Nordika x+ photo shoot and even let me take a few pictures of her in her princess night gown (some days she refuses to take off her princess nightgown and I am perfectly alright with that).

Annabelle Dec 2013

She then asked to take one of me and I said sure. Her first pic was a boob shot...lol.  I then told her to wait until she saw my face on the screen then press the button. Here is what she captured (I edited it to b&w after but did not crop). Maybe I should change this one to my profile pic?

photo by annabelle

Linking up with some of my favorite link parties to the right and Crazy Mom Quilts and TGIFF!
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