Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nap mat and quilting with minky...

Hey Y'all! It's been a busy week here with Mr. Relish traveling and my MIL visiting. I do have a finish to share today that took most of last week to make. Towards the end of this one I was swearing quite a bit, but it's finished and I'm proud!

Little story first: As you know, it's almost time for back to school and while some of you out there are in tears over it, there are some of us utterly ecstatic (<---that's me)! BOTH my girls will be starting pre-school at the end of August for 3 days a week! Happy dance!! My almost 3-year-old loves her school and teachers and I couldn't ask for a better fit for my family. With that said, my baby, little relish, will also be starting and she is sooooo ready to be with her big sister! Just to give you an idea, this is typically how our mornings and afternoons go when picking up or dropping of big sister. First, she has to carry sisters nap mat inside the building, then she makes sure she first stops at the front desk to give the director, Ms. Pam, a hug or plop down in Mrs. Connie's lap to "help". Next, she then struts (no really, the girl is strutting) her stuff down the hall screaming her happy scream to let everyone know she is in the building. Next stop is at Ms. Alma's class (Big relish's old teacher and her soon to be new teacher) to give her a "what's up" or hug. It really just depends on her mood. Lastly, we go to drop or pick up her sister and little relish forces her way inside the class room and begins to participate in whatever activity all the others are doing. Just like she is suppose to be there and what is the big deal. I have pretended to leave her several times and she never even looks my way or bats an eyelash. It usually ends with me dragging her out of the school. When deciding how many days a week she was ready for, I first thought 1 maybe 2. But now I see there is no way in heck that she would drop sister off and then go home with me. So 3 days a week just like big sister it is and this mommy is ecstatic! So back to why Im posting...I finished little relish's first nap map! Nap Map

I got the pattern from the same book I got the Owl Pillow called Art to Heart Curious Mischief. There are several quilt and pillow patterns in this book and it is every bit worth the price. I found mine at my LQS but you can also find it on Amazon. The nap mat pattern alone is worth the price, but there is also some adorable tooth fairy pillows. There are plenty of boy and girl patterns throughout the book.

Nap Map

The quilted blanket it attached with three large buttons. The book has you attach it within the binding, but I want the blanket to be separate so that way it is usable once they are no longer using the nap mats. I also quilted with minky and it went way smoother than I thought. I found this tutorial useful from Cluck Cluck Sew before starting.

Nap Map

I did my pillow insert on the inside and not the out side and used Velcro to secure it closed and made a small pillow insert to take in and out for washing.

The batting I used was a very thick 1" x 27 " batting that is sold by the yard at JoAnns. I had them cut 1 1/2 yards. USE A WALKING FOOT! That was a mother to sew through. I had to get Mr. Relish to hold the sewing machine down so it didn't shift and then help hold the bulk from the back.

I cut my binding at 4" to make sure there was plenty to go around the bulk.

Nap Map

It rolls so nicely and the buttons are my favorite. I used webbing for the handle and added it to the other side but forgot to take a picture.

Fabrics are from Happily Ever After by Riley Blake and then the polka-dot is Amy Butler (I think).

Along with all my other bee's and quilt/sew-a-longs, I am also planning on some adorable new school clothes for the girls. I just bought some new patterns and cant wait to get started! I am also skipping this week's Zakka 2.0, but plan on making next weeks flower quilt.

Happy sewing,

Oh, and if you are looking for nap mat tutorials, there are lots out there, but here are two great ones that I found along the way...
Prudent Baby
Moda Bake Shop (I used this one to make big relish's last year)

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Masterpieces by an almost 3-year-old...

It's summer school at big relish's pre-school and they have been doing fun activities each week. This week was art and they asked that we sent them to school with a giant shirt to cover their clothes while they create masterpieces. This afternoon was the art show where each of their art works were displayed.

I was so proud of my girl! I took these pictures before she came to greet me.

While I was trying to get a picture of her in front of her wall, she kept making funny faces...
That's because she spotted her friend, Joseph, also known as Prince Charming. I think she has a little crush on Joseph. She was even blushing.

If you are wondering what this Prince Charming looks like...

Such a cutie!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Star Surround QAL weekly check-in...

Welcome to my weekly check in post for my Happy Quilting's Star Surround QAL! I will be sure to post my weekly progress here so please come back to see how it's going! If you don't know yet, I am making my quilt a giant size block at 64" square! I give all the cutting details below!

You can read all about it here:
Happy Quilting Star Surround QAL - INTRO
Happy Quilting Star Surround - Cutting
My Fabric Relish's Fabric and Declaration Post

Star Surround Pieced Oops
Star Surround Pieced Oops
WIPs 8/28/13

Well, after realizing I didn't have big enough pieces to do the 40" 3x3 lay out I was intending I had to rethink all of my lofty plans. 1) I didn't have the heart to cut up the sweet bird prints that made me fall in love with this bundle. 2) I couldn't let go of my Hand Drawn Garden choice but I also didn't want to buy any more. 3) I didn't want to make a baby size quilt (don't need a baby quilt) or make 16 blocks (that's a lot of cutting a piecing!). So......I thunk and thunk and thunk....then I did some math...gasp....and then made a plan!

I'm making a GIANT star surround block! Yeah, A GIANT size block! The biggest block Melissa (not me) has configured is a 46 incher. I'm going up two more sizes to 64! It didn't take long to do the math for the bigger size. I've been eyeing those big giant block quilts like the one Jeni Baker at In Color Order has a tutorial for and then Amy Smart's version at Diary of a Quilter here. So I thought...two birds one stone!

If you are interested in going GIANT, then here is the math for ya (on the picture) but be sure to read below since there is a minor correction! Keep in mind that I'm using a fat quarter bundle to make my block. I am also doing it scrappy scrappy. Not just scrappy like the examples Melissa gives, but scrappy scrappy!

UPDATE! You need to cut 10 not 8 for the 9x9 print blocks on the bottom right. I REPEAT, you need to cut 10 not 8 for the 9x9 print blocks on the bottom right. It's really hard to do all the math correctly when you go rouge. Sorry!

You will need 2 yards for the background fabric...be careful when cutting since it's just enough!

And as you can also see, I went with a charcoal grey for background. I hope I made a good decision with both the background and the GIANT-NESS!

Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Paco Bean's Dorothy Day Tripper Giveaway winner is....

Chrissie at Made by ChrissieD! Chrissie - I will email you the pattern right now so be on the lookout!

Thanks everyone for participating!


Monday, July 22, 2013

Zakka 2.0 - Books for Baby Quilt

We are finishing the last project from the kid section and I have to say this one is my favorite so far! I decided to make my quilt as a wall hanging to go in big relish's room above her "library" of books! I pulled fabrics from my scrap stash and my regular stash. Her room is designed around the Ruby collection by Bonnie and Camille so I made sure I used reds and teals.

I also made the center sashing wider than what the book calls for, but I wished I hadn't. Oh well. The center square, border and back is from a yard of fabric I got on the clearance section at Hobby Lobby for $2! Score!

Like her mother, she has a huge love for books! We have read EVERY single one of these books on her shelf 10 fold. I buy books not because she needs more, but I neeeeeed more or I will go nuts reading the same thing over and over. haha! We read every night before bed and then listen to another book on CD in bed. Little relish has her own book shelf that is well on its way to looking like this one.

The books were super fun to paper piece, but a little advice: On the top part that you are suppose to cut off...I switched #1 and #2 (so I did #2 first then #1). It really helped! Also, make sure to leave a 1/4 inch seam allowance on both the top and bottom piece. Either I missed that in the book or it doesn't clarify. I had two practice ones before I got it right. Ellison Lane Quilts also did a great blog post with some tips and tricks on this quilt so be sure to check it out here!

Want to know more about Zakka 2.0 then check out my post here.

Happy Monday and have a great week! Also, I'll pick a winner tomorrow for the Glamping Day Tripper giveaway!


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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Star Surround Quilt-A-Long

I've bought the fabric and now I'm blogging so it's official! I am participating in the Star Surround Quilt-A-Long organized and hosted by Melissa at Happy Quilting. Yay!

The fabrics I chose for this quilt is from the Hand Drawn Garden line by Anna Maria Horner. I got a great fat quarter bundle from West Wood Acres on Etsy.

Isn't it gorgeous!?!? Here is a sample of what the finished quilt will look like...

You can find out other layouts and fabric requirements. Intrepid Thread is also selling bundles specifically for this pattern with a coupon code! Go to Happy Quilting's blog post here to get all the details.

Since I am also participating in the Swoon 2013 quilt-a-long and that is also a large star pattern, I want to make sure this one is very different looking. With that said, I don't want to use a white background fabric, but I just can't decide what background fabric I do want. Humph! I'm leaning towards a grey/charcoal or one of the solid colors in the bundle. What do y'all think? Any input would be awesome! Maybe I'll take some audition pictures and post.

Have a great sewing weekend!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dorothy Day Tripper...Glamping Style

Happy Friday, y'all! Many moons ago, I virtually bumped into this nice gal, Alicia from Paco Bean, and she was needing some professional looking pictures of bags made from her new pattern, Dorothy Day Tripper. While I think I'm pretty good with the camera, I told her that I would love to make the bag and blog about it instead. She emailed the pattern to me almost immediately. I had to order the 24 inch zipper for the bag and it never showed up so I finally got my hands on one and made the bag this week. Since I'm a quilter at heart, I had to do my own quilted version...


Now, I am going to be honest. I am not a huge fan of making bags. I love the idea of making them and then the flame just fizzles once it's finished and then I never use it. However, with this bag I know I will use it! It will be great for packing all my quilty supplies when I go to retreats or sewing club. If it wears out, I can make a new one! That's the awesome part about patterns, especially pdf ones.

I would say this pattern is not for the beginner, but more intermediate. I had never sewn with piping before and I definitely need some more practice. I would have to say the hardest part was attaching the side panels to the main sides and the piping. Clover Wonder clips saved the day! I think this would be an issue with any bag like this. I decided to hand stitch the lining inside so I didn't have duplicate stitch lines on top.

I used my charm pack in Glamping by Mary Jane for Moda and then just some Glamping remnants I found at the quilt shop for the insides. On a side note, I am officially out of Glamping fabric. After a pillow, quilt and now bag I think I've proved my love. I used Pellon 71F for the body but I didn't use any interfacing for the inside lining because I was being lazy or cheap or both...lol. For the panels, you need to make 2 - 3x4 panels and 2 - 2x4 panels (pocket). On the bigger panel, you can use the "boring" charms on the bottom row since it will be hidden by the pocket panel.

I used premade piping (two packages) and my handles are cotton webbing from JoAnns. I didn't have a project in mind when I bought the webbing so I was a tad short, but it all worked out. I stitched the top of the handles together to make it easier to hold. I also used a jean needle while sewing which helped with the thick layers and the thick handles.

Getting the premade piping and straps saves a lot of time. I think the most time consuming part of making the bag was picking the fabric, cutting, and fusing the interfacing. Hand stitching the lining also took a bit of time but it was done on the couch watching tv so I don't count that...haha.

Alicia from Paco Bean is also so graciously giving away this pattern to one of my readers. WHOOP WHOOP! All you have to do is leave a comment here and I'll pick a winner Tuesday! Be sure to like her facebook page, too! Giveaway is closed!! Check this post to see who won!

Have a great weekend!

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EPP bling...

So, as you know I recently started EPPing and made a myself handy dandy little kit. I also discovered that having scissors handy and small children around equals lots of "no, no" and quickly moving and re-hiding the scissors. Then, I learned of the Clover thread cutting pedant and thought that would be a great alternative to scissors. I got mine at JoAnns this week (which btw all quilting notions such as are 50% off this week!!!) for only $3.50. Then I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday morning and found an antique brass ball chain ($1.99) and this cute dangle charm with scissors (ironic huh?), ruler, and button ($1.50 @ 1/2 off). Viola! At least I'll be styling even if I'm EPPing in my PJs.

Happy Thursday!


ps - check back tomorrow for another giveaway!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Japanese fabrics!

Lookie, lookie!! I ordered for the first time from Blossom Heart Quilts on Etsy and love my new Japanese fabric bundle. Alyce, who lives in Japan, does a bundle once a month based on a theme and all for $35 (includes shipping). She gets to do the shopping for these, too....LUCKY!! Might need to move some fabric money around so I can subscribe monthly. Hehe.

This month's bundle theme was Tanabata, which is a festival that begins in July.

What should I make with these lovelies?


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Zakka 2.0 - Dinosaur Hat

We are just trucking right along in the Patchwork, Please sew-along. This week is an adorable dinosaur hat for baby or toddler. I decided to make two, one for each of the relishes. However, it looks like little relish will get both, because it was a tad bit small for big relish. See, I make large children. They are both in the 97%ile for height and weight and have been since they were born. My (not even) 3 year old is the size of a 5 year old and my 13 month old is the size of a 2 year old.

It's been raining here for two days so I took pictures in the master bedroom where there is lots of natural light...so please excuse the messy room and the dog bed!

I still got a picture of big relish wearing it...

Little relish not so much...it took about 25 pictures to get these few...

I used a flannel for the hat portion and just some cotton animal print scraps for the rest and the insides. Not sure if I would make this again, but it was a very quick sew....took less than an hour to make both. The shape of the hat reminds me of a football helmet, so I bet with some modifications it would be a great helmet/hat for a Halloween costume. Maybe just make it out of felt and make a mouth guard that just Velcros over. These are the times I wish I had a little boy.

Next week is a quilt so I need to get started or at least scale it down into a pillow or tote bag!

For more information about Zakka 2.0 you can check it out here.


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