Sunday, March 30, 2014

That's a whole lotta...


Can anyone guess the fabric collection? Those are 172 HSTs, but I had a lot of help making them thanks to my new ruler, Square Up Ruler by Quilt in a Day. I might have the larger 9 1/2 inch version in my shopping cart right now. ;)

I'm really missing my blog and all my wonderful readers lately and hope to find my groove again. The past two weeks I've been finishing some quilting obligations (some I can share soon and some not so quite yet ;) and then I should be back! I recently ordered Strip Savvy from Amazon and can't wait to make something from it...such a fun book! I want to make every one of the quilts in that book. Seriously awesome book!

I ended up putting my temporary sewing space in big relishes room (remember we are waiting for our new house to be finished) because her room is huge and with a crazy huge walk in closet. Since all her clothes fit into her dresser, that closet is ALL mine!! Bless this child for agreeing to share her room. And yes, I asked her first and she said "shore" -- hehe.

That's my mom's doggie, Sophie, under the desk. Hi "Fophie!" - as big relish calls her.

I also had my fun friend, Mena, come take a few pictures of me the other day for the blog (and something else hint hint). She did a great job! Thanks Mena!!

I did finish my Lala Salama -100 Quilts today and it's been photographed and washed. It will begin its journey to Kenya tomorrow. I'll share that one later this week. Hope you had a good weekend!


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dallas Quilt Show

As promised, here is a quick recap of the Dallas Quilt Show hosted by the Dallas Quilt Guild. Warning: Picture Overload (but they are quilts so really a good warning;).
As some of y'all learned from my previous post, we went to DisneyWorld two weeks ago and got home the same weekend of the Dallas Quilt Show. Even though I was exhausted, I still made it! I have to say, Dallas has some amazing quilters. Just take a gander at a small sampling of the quilts below and you'll see why.
I took big relish along with me and you might even find her taking a picture with her favorite quilt. :) She actually really enjoyed herself. Glad I have a little buddy to go look at quilts and fabric with me. Well, at least for now. Ha!
Each quilt is identified with a following picture of the info card. The last three pictures are all of the winner and it's a sparkling doozy of a quilt in the best possible way! Big relish asked if I would make her one. Hahahaha! No.
Oh, and the theme this year was Modern Quilts...whoop!



(And guess who bought this quilt kit at the show??? ME!!!)


(The two previous quilts were quilted by Michelle Kitto, owner of Urban Spools, where I teach). Yay Michelle!!
And finally the winner! Be sure to read it's touching story. :)
This back is absolutely stunning and really sparkles, but hard to tell in the picture. But you can see all the intricate work involved and 22,000 crystals!! Congrats, Cheri, Linda and Greg!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Procrastinating at the happiest place on earth...

Yep, we went to DisneyWorld last week and it was magical!! Mr. Relish and I went there for our honeymoon 5+ years ago and decided to take the girls this year. I hate the heat and wanted to be sure we went early so we picked the first week of March and the weather was perfect! I actually booked the trip right before we put the house on the market not thinking it would sell so quickly, but it did! So, we decided to just enjoy the trip and worry about the packing when we got back. And guess what? We did enjoy it and now I'm hurting for it. Lol. But the good news is we are moved to our temporary house and now going to "patiently" wait for our new house to be finished.

We basically used all our Fast Passes to meet the princesses and the girls loved it! Their eyes lit up for each and every one of them. We made sure to take in as many shows as possible, too. Big relish has a thing for live stage proformances.

In usual "mama-can-sew-that" fashion, I made the relishes a few peasant style princess dresses.

This was little relish about once a day, thank goodness!

I used Create Kids Couture's Jewel Peasant dress pattern and just modified the skirt to be a solid piece of fabric.


Big relish loved meeting Mickey! She gave him the longest hug with no hesitation. Right before we left her told her, "Now remember, never trust a cheetah!" Now, why he decided to tell her that is beyond me but she remembered that nugget of advice the entire trip, even when we countered one during our safari at Animal Kingdom. She started screaming at all the other passengers this valuable information. If anyone know what it means, please share!!! Lol

We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge on property and it was amazing. Loved seeing all the amazing animals right outside our balcony! There were beautiful pieces of African art throughout the hotel, but I really loved all the hand appliqu├ęd textiles, including this one located in our room. Naturally.

That's all I got for you this week, but I did make a quick stop at the Dallas Quilt Show as soon as we got back. Big relish tagged along and we saw some amazing quilts and got a few goodies. I hope to share that will you sometime this week so stay tuned. Now off to get my new sewing space put together. Priorities!


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