Wednesday, October 29, 2014

my, oh my, a big giant butterfly...

Hey y'all! Who else was glued to IG this past weekend? I sure was! Some pictures I could have stared at for hours just soaking it all in. Hopefully, one day, I will get a chance to see all of this in person!

Also, I so excited that it's that time again over at Amy's Creative Side....Yup! Blogger's Quilt Festival! I am also super excited to share what I plan on entering into the Applique Quilt Category! I am also sharing a little bit of big relish's new room, so if you love Cotton + Steel, please keep reading!

Butterfly Quilt

Since we moved in the new house, back in July, I knew I wanted to make big relish a special wall hanging for her bedroom. If you ask her what her favorite animal is, she will tell you horse and then go on to tell you that her favorite bug is a butterfly. It was so easy picking out fabrics this past spring and summer for her room because horses and butterflies were everywhere!

Butterfly Quilt

After hours of Pinterest-ing and Google-ing "butterfly" I just couldn't get any ideas to settle and then I finally thought of giving a mosaic raw edge applique a try. I figured if it looked like crap, all that was wasted was a little bit of background fabric, scraps, and some of my time.

Butterfly Quilt

Thank goodness it didn't! Whew! I am in love with it and so is big relish!! I asked her if I could put it in my room and she said "no" and that "maybe I could make another one" ---Hah! I just might!!

Here are a few details on how I made this super simple and fast quilt: First, I took 1 1/2 yards of background fabric and folded it in half. I then drew half of the butterfly free hand using a disappearing fabric marker. I then place the folded backing on a big window so that I could duplicate the other half of the butterfly on the other side. Next, glue basted (using the purple washable glue stick) 1-1 1/2" scraps within the shape of the butterfly. After basing, I quilted a narrow (1/4") vertical straight stitch in order to catch as much of the scraps under the stitching, that way it doesn't fray too much.

Another great use for scraps is an easy fabric ribbon banner. I used leftover fabrics from the girl's summer dresses and was able to make each of the girls their own banner for above their beds.
This ribbon banner was also super fun and fast to make and really can fill up a wall! Her bed is so tall so I knew whatever I put up there needed to be long and narrow.

Butterfly Quilt

And finally here is the other corner of her room where the butterflies continue over. I used Cotton + Steel's Moonlit butterfly print for the curtains and the butterflies on the walls came from Hobby Lobby throughout the last several years. As you can see, the quilted pillows are also C+S and yes, I might be addicted! The other half of her room (book shelf and dresser) is still a work in progress and I hope to incorporate more her other favorite, horses, so stay tuned! My goal this year is to incorporate as much fabric and handmades into our new home and giving everyone's space a very personal touch that they might not have physically created but definitely had a part in the inspiration.


So, if you haven't already, please go check out the Blogger's Quilt Festival and when you are there, please nominate and/or vote for me if you like (here)! Also, please let me know if you did, so I can thank you personally and return the favor if you are participating as well!

Thanks so much for visiting and hope you have a great Halloween!


Friday, October 17, 2014

Kraft-Tex Wallet(s)

Happy Friday, Y'all! Earlier this week I showed you this new paper/fabric product from CT Publishing called Kraft-Tex and wanted to share more with you because I finally got to really play and sew with it this week!

I first read about his product over at Pretty by Hand, where Kristyne (also author of S is for Stitch) was sharing her latest publication as a contributor in Kraft-Tex Style. She made these adorable lined basket/boxes with this material that is paper but behaves like paper, fabric, and leather all at once.

I was skeptical at first but in my late night amazon browsing haze, I somehow talked myself into a BOLT of this stuff and added the book for good measure. When the bolt arrived I was again skeptical and started having buyers remorse. It was literally a bolt of super thick kraft paper. I have a really bad habit of shopping right before I fall asleep in bed and it's pretty much like online shopping while drunk -- everything seems like a super awesome idea. I'm special.

So, I sat down with the book and started checking out all the things you can make with this "paper" so I can justify my purchas just in case Mr. Relished noticed and thought, "hey, this stuff might actually be cool!" So I chopped off about two yards and threw it in the washer with hot water and no soap and waited. When I opened the washer it was still all together and was no longer stiff and felt like wet leather. No, I am serious! I wanted to see if washing it twice would make it even more softer and so I did. It actually came out about the same so I learned one quick wash in hot water was enough, I threw it in the dryer and it dried right up. The only thing I didn't like when it came out of the drier was how wrinkly it was. I decided to throw it in the wash one more time and then let it lay flat to dry. Once dry, it was back to being a little stiff but it looked totally different had had a leathery look to it. Hmmm...

Wednesday night, I had an itch to sew something quick and I was needing a new wallet to replace my busted one and thought I would give the wallet pattern in the book a try. It looked fast and easy and only took a little bit of fabric. I made one with a little bit of cotton + steel and fell in love with my new wallet. I then made two more because it was so easy and fast! I figured these would make great gifts!


I even tried out the cute key-fob idea also found in the book. :) Kraft-tex also comes in white and black ( I don't know why they don't have the black in the smaller roll). I bet black would look pretty awesome as a wallet, too!
I have a few tips for working with Kraft-Tex:
  • Wash a couple of yards to have on hand. Wash with HOT water and lay flat to dry. Dont be afraid to iron with lots of steam. I was short one small piece that needed to look worn, and just steamed the heck out of it and then man-handled it a bit.
  • Don't wash before if you plan to write or print on it. It gets quite bumpy once washed.
  • Once you sew with it, the holes are permanent. If you need to seam rip and sew again in the same spot, just take it slow and make sure the needle goes down in the original hole. Also, make note of your stitch length so it's easier to replicate.

I can officially say I am ADDICTED to this stuff! I showed you where I used it as a quilt label and recently ran it through my printer to make small label tags. I also doodled on a piece and threw it in the wash to see if it would run or come off. I'll let you know how well this material actually holds up but I'm excited about all the possibilities!

Transparency Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate and I will receive compensation if you use the links I provide to purchase. However, I only blog and share things that I truly love and use! In addition, I have added a new Amazon widget on my sidebar that has all my favorites. These are items that I use and recommend. As some of you already know, I am a huge Amazon fan and buy almost all of my sewing and quilting supplies through them and any compensation I receive basically goes right back into my sewing and blogging. So, if you do use my links, I appreciate your support immensely!

Hope you have a great weekend!




Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bright Sky QAL

Yay, it's my turn to share my Bright Sky quilt with you guys! Let me just say this quilt goes together fast!! I probably spent more time picking out the fabrics and choosing placement then the actual piecing. Ha!

Bright Sky QAL


This week of the QAL, Alyce of Blossom Heart Quilts (BHQ), is talking about tips on making the outer star. I will have to agree that anytime you sew on the bias you deal with a lot of stretch. I decided to do Option B cutting with having the bias on the seams. It worked out just fine and basting went very smoothly. I would recommend trimming up your blocks before piecing the quilt. I had a one or two points get a little lost. Pinning and starch also helps with any excessive stretch.

I decided to use the lovely Rustique collection by Emily Herrick for Michael Miller. I fell in love with the deers in this print and the beautiful, bight colors that give it a modern fall feel. The background is Olive Essex Linen which is really hard to find but is this weird (in a good way) silvery/grey with a little subtle olive green. I wish I had more! It's a nice change from the Essex black or linen and plays well with the other vibrant colors.

So, last week, Alyce challenged everyone to add something extra for the center square. Luckily, I was one step ahead and was thinking the same thing! I almost went with a paper pieced star but really loved the deers in the fabric and took inspiration from Emily's awesome pattern, Big Game, so I decided to add a raw appliqued deer head. It's pretty subtle, I hope. ;) I just found an image on the internet that I liked and enlarged it. I did adjust the antlers a bit as well to my taste and raw edge appliqued it on with pink thread. I did 4 overlapping stitches so I know that bad boy won't come off! I washed it right after the photoshoot and it fluffed and frayed up nicely.

I'm pretty sure all the mom's at the park thought I was weird taking pictures of a quilt but at least I brought the kids and Mr. Relish with I can make sure we look crazy as a family! They are my quilty beard, after all. Hehe!!
For the quilting I just did a some stippling with flowers/butterflies thrown in. This was fun to quilt up!
I am so glad Alyce invited me to participate in this fun QAL! Thanks Alyce!!! Be sure to check out all the other bloggers sharing their version of the Bright Sky QAL during the Wednesday blog hop posts! Last week it was Molli Sparkles and then Ms Midge next week! That's a pretty awesome sandwich I'm in between. ;)

  • Monday 29th September – Choosing Fabrics Tips at BHQ
  • Wednesday 8th October – Molli Sparkles
  • Wednesday 15th October – My Fabric Relish
  • Wednesday 22nd October – Ms Midge
  • Monday 27th October – Pretty Bobbins free motion quilting guest post here at BHQ
  • Wednesday 29th October – A Stitch In Between (Bright Sky mini)
  • Monday 3rd November – Elven Garden Quilts free motion quilting guest post here at BHQ
  • Monday 10th November – Final link-up opens at BHQ for a week

Oh, and of course there's lots of prizes! Be sure to see all the goodies you have the chance to win at Blossom Heart Quilts! And, if you are on Instagram (I'm myfabricrelish) be sure to tag your progress with #brightskyquilt!

Lastly, I want to share more details about my quilt label that I shared on IG the other day....
Ok, guys, this stuff is cool. You know those labels on the back of Levi jeans? Well you can actually buy it. It's called KraftTex and it magically washes up and behaves a little like leather! There is also a fun new book out to give you some inspiration for uses, KraftTex Style. Here is my Pinterest board for other ideas.

Thanks again for the visit! If you are new here, I would love to have you back! Have a great week!!

- Melissa



Friday, October 10, 2014

The Perfect Squirrelly Oven Mitt - A Tutorial

Fall is in the air! FINALLY! Here, in Texas, the true marks of fall are lows in the 60s and the State Fair of Texas opens. I enjoy both of these things immensely! You also know it's fall because you have a hankering to bake lots of goodies, especially things with pumpkin. Lots of pumpkin! I love baking pumpkin bread and pecan pies during fall holidays and for anyone that bakes, you know having a good set of oven mitts is crucial! I have a pair that I received when I went off to college and they have always been my favorite, first ones I reach for, pair. Last Christmas, I finally got around to making a pattern from my beloved mitts and so excited to share it with you today!

I originally shared these over at Benartex's blog Sew in Love {with Fabric), and wanted to add this content to my blog for future reference.  The fabrics I chose are from Daily Zen and Burlap by Benartex. Both these lines have beautiful saturated tones, prints with leaves and quills that just screams FALL, but still keeping it modern. I just had to applique my favorite woodland creature, a squirrel friend with his nut on them, too!

Before we get started, I am providing a convenient printable pattern with instructions and templates for you to print out. You can download them here! (11/6/14 Edit: I found an error in the original download so if you have already downloaded it, please download the corrected version)! Enjoy!

Fabric Requirements:

  • 3 FQs - Front/Back Panels and pockets 
  • Scraps for appliques
  • Binding - 3/8 yard (cut on bias for total of 80") 
  • Insul Bright by Warm and Natural - 3/4 yard 


  • Outside Panels - Cut (2) 7 x 20
  • Pockets - Cut (2) 6 1/2 x 13 " 
  • Binding - 2 1/2" x 41" bias binding PER mitt
  • Insul Bright - cut (2) 14 x 20 


  • Make Front/Back Panel Quilt Sandwich - Take the two outside panels and make a quilt sandwich with two layers of Insul Bright in the center. I like to use two layers of Insul Bright because for me one layer isn't enough. You could also use one layer of Insul Bright and then one or two layers of batting.  Be sure right sides are facing out. I recommend spray basting lightly or basting with large basting pins. Quilt as desired.If you would like to make more than one set, then make a quilt sandwich using the uncut FQs. Sorry I don't have pictures of steps 1,2, and 4. I accidently deleted them had some technical difficulties. Next, take your quilted sandwich and cut two rectangles measuring 6 1/2" x 9". 
  • Take the two pocket panels and fold in half, creating two, 6 1/2" squares. If you wish, you can add batting to the middle and also quilt. 
  • If you wish to add applique to your mitts, you will do that now. See How to Applique in 5 Steps (below). I like to applique after quilting, but feel free to do this before step 1.

  •  Place the pocket on the bottom half of the mitt with raw edges lined with the raw edges and the fold in the center of the mitt.
  • Mark each corner with template provided (page 3) and trim all four corners on both mitts including the pockets.

  • Apply the bias binding taking care around the curve edges. Optional - Add a tab using extra bias tape by folding the raw sides in, press, and stitch down open side. Attach before stitching the back of the binding down. Hint: After applying the binding to the front, trim the raw side of the mitt creating a narrow binding on the front and then stitched the binding down from the back.

How to raw-edge applique:
  • Trace the applique pattern on the paper (not waxy) side of the freezer paper.

  • Fuse woven interfacing (I like to use SF 1O1) to the wrong size of fabric you wish to applique.

  • Press the freezer paper onto right side of fabric that you wish to applique. Cut around the outline of the traced image.

  • Applique to project as desired. I like to use a washable glue stick to keep my applique pieces tacked down. Stitch your applique as desired.I like to use a straight stitch, zig-zag, or blanket stitches.


They might be really stiff at first, but become more pliable once you start using them. 

In case you were curious about my beloved oven mitts, I took a picture of them for ya! 

(see, they are pretty gross and kind of smell like stale food)

Thanks so much for checking out my oven mitts and I sure hope you give them a try! Happy Fall!


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Urban Spools NEEDS Your Vote!

Happy Wednesday! I am blogging from the awesome Urban Spools today while I am in between my two classes. I already taught a three part beginners class this morning, then I have a speed quilting class tonight! My wonderful mom is collecting the relishes from school for me so I am able to hang out in a quilt shop/sewing lounge all afternoon left to my own devices. Hopefully I don't spend my wages earned today. hehe!

So the reason I am blogging at the shop today is because I wanted to share with you more about this amazing little place, the woman behind it, and how you ALL could help us out!

Michelle , the owner, is fantastic quilter, savvy business owner and just an overall pleasure to be around to talk fabric, quilting and just about anything! I usually only teach three hour classes but I am all day, because I just can't seem to leave. Michelle, like me, loves to teach sewing and quilting and really emphasizes that with how she operates her business. When I first started teaching here, Michelle was just starting to build up her front shop with fabrics, notions and patterns, but today, as you can see, she has filled it to the brim! Michelle has a knack for finding the perfect and most sought after notions and patterns. That goes with fabrics as well. Lets just say, I hardly ever leave here empty handed!

In addition to the shop space, Urban Spools has one room that is a dedicated class space with lots of tables, chairs, and power outlets!!!! Perfect for learning or even just gathering with your other sewing friends for a sewing day.

Urban Spools is also longarm service and Michelle does all the longarm work herself! She has two longarm machines that are usually always stitching away. And in case you didn't already know this, Urban Spools is also a Handi Quilter Dealer!

In the back, there is a kitchen and storage/machine repair area. You see, Michelle's husband is also in on all the fun repairing all those Handi Quilters.

If we have more than one class going, one class usually happens in the Kitchen area. Just this past Saturday, we had three classes going and one class was in the hall!

As you can see, Urban Spools is getting a little cramped and Michelle would love to expand again with more classroom and shop space and even room for additional longarms! Wouldn't it be fun to spend all day renting a longarm!?!

So, this is where you come in and can help! In our community, Chase Bank has a program to help small business, like Urban Spools, called Mission Main Street where Chase Bank gives 20 local small business a $150,000 grant to help improve their business. Awesome, huh!! Well, in order to be considered for this grant, Urban Spools needs 250 votes! We are so close but we don't have much time left! So, if you have less than 30 seconds, please click this link and vote!!!

Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to vote! If you are ever in the Dallas area, please look us up! You will not be disappointed!

In case you missed it, here is the link to vote ----- VOTE!

Thanks so much and if you have another few seconds, please leave me a comment that you voted so I can personally thank you!!

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